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Business Cover: Mobile Device Management

For any business with a fleet of mobile phones, effectively managing those devices and their security is of paramount importance. There are a number of products in the market that help to monitor and secure these devices. This is of great benefit to the IT departments of organisations, functionality of this software falls in to three broad categories:


Device setup

Policy and profile setup

Device compliance


In-life Tracking:

Device tracking


Roaming controls/usages caps



Entry control (pass)

Remote lock and wipe (individual or group level)


Products include:

Intune – Microsoft – manages across different operating systems and integrated with PC management.

MaaS360 – likewise covers different OS, powered by Watson, also supports PC’s.

Meraki – security enforcement across multiple device types with network activity reporting.

AirWatch – speedy configuration and deployment.

Soti – another good all-round solution.

Image result for intuneImage result for merakiImage result for airwatch

There are other products in the market including ones which are offered by the mobile networks directly, such as EE with mobile iron.

A combination of using an MDM solution and reliable Phone Insurance can effectively give you security and reassurance over your mobile fleet.


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