10 years of the iPhone: a decade of pioneering technology

It’s been ten years since the iPhone was introduced. To put that into context, Tony Blair resigned as Prime Minister, people could still smoke in restaurants, pubs and offices, and Leona Lewis spent 10 weeks at the top of the music charts. Elsewhere, Apple was revolutionising the world of mobile phones. Whilst some people were… read more

Samsung Policy-to-Claims Ratio Increases by 73% in H2 2016

Recently, Samsung has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. The scandal surrounding the exploding Note 7s has dominated the company’s news since September and dealt a major blow to its reputation, with Samsung permanently halting production of the Galaxy Note 7. Determined to instil faith back into its audience, Samsung launched an… read more

Sizing up the New Samsung Galaxy S7: Rumours, Reports & Release Dates

February might usually be associated with pancakes, but as us mere mortals crack open the eggs and grease our pans, those at Samsung are busy preparing for MWC 2016. And with it, we assume, the unveiling of the new Samsung Galaxy S7. It’s become a tradition to use the annual event to showcase the latest… read more

How to Deactivate Find My iPhone

Apple’s Find My iPhone can be something of a lifesaver in the unfortunate event that your phone gets lost or stolen, helping you to locate and protect your device. When it comes to damages however, it can actually slow down your repair. If the application is active, it can cause delays in our repair centre,… read more

5 Ways to Save Mobile data on Your Android Phone

From identifying songs to managing your thermostat, yes our phones can do more than they used to, but this “doing more” takes up more of our data too. And that can lead to nasty surprise bills; something nobody needs in January. If your Android device is gobbling up more mobile data than you can afford,… read more

Global Game Jammers Unite!

Modern video games often take months (if not years), entire teams of talented professionals, and hundreds of thousands of pounds to develop. The Global Game Jam is an annual phenomenon where tens of thousands of game enthusiasts, programmers, musicians and artists, from all backgrounds and skill levels, get together to create independent games in just… read more

How To Get Rid of iPhone Default Apps

Anyone who has ever owned an iPhone will know how frustrating it is that it’s seemingly impossible to get rid of the default apps. As well as using up some of your precious storage, they clog up your home screen and are often irrelevant to your needs. Compass anyone? If we wanted it, we’d download… read more

5 Tips for Speeding up Your iPad

We recently brought you some advice on helping your smartphone to run a little faster, but a slow iPad can be just as frustrating, especially if you have one of the older models. Here are some tips to for speeding up your device: Get rid of apps you don’t use It’s estimated that 1 in… read more

Speeding up Your Smartphone

We’ve all felt the frustration of a slow desktop; the silent rage that the loading circle induces. But the same can happen with your smartphone. They are essentially miniature computers so it makes sense that they will in time slow down in terms of performance. Luckily, there are ways to speed up your smartphone: Stop… read more

10 mobile resolutions you need to stick to in 2016

And no we’re not talking about the clarity of your screen. Just as we pick up bad habits in other areas of our lives, most of us are guilty of a little mobile phone neglect from time to time. Creating a set of New Year’s resolutions for your smartphone could help it to run faster,… read more