loveit coverit – 5 star Defaqto rating

loveit coverit are one of the largest specialist mobile phone and gadget insurers in the market, providing cover for almost 30 years.

Defaqto 5-Star Rating 2021

Who is Defaqto?
Defaqto is an independent researcher of financial products in the UK, established to help consumers make more educated decisions. Since 1994, Defaqto have built the country’s largest retail financial product and fund database.

How are these star ratings calculated? 
The in-depth star ratings from Defaqto are set up to support better financial decision making, and are awarded on a scale of 1-5, depending on the quality and comprehensiveness of features on offer.
Independently rated, the key features, benefits and terms and conditions of every product or policies are calculated through a completely unbiased mechanism.

Rating Breakdown

1 star – Mobile phone insurers with 1 star are often very limited in what they offer, only insuring a phone below a certain value. There are usually limits to insuring phones that have been owned for over a certain period of time.

2 stars – Providers with 2 stars are said to offer a below average range of features and benefits. They often include some standard features of mobile phone insurance like accidental damage and a cracked screen, but do not cover the consumer for theft, unauthorised use, loss, accessory cover, or offer any particularly special features. It also may take a prolonged period of time to receive your phone back, or be provided with a replacement. The maximum age of the phone to be covered is also relatively low, usually about 12 months, compared to many 5 star rated products of 36 months.

3 stars – This includes insurers offering a standard product with an average level of features. Much of what they offer is similar to 2 star ratings, but may include worldwide cover as well as UK, and the ability to insure a phone that has been owned for a longer period of time. Often, it is a set package, with little room for flexibility, which could be inconvenient if you only want to be covered for loss or accidental damage.

4 stars – Insurers with a 4 star rating offer a product with a good level of features and benefits. They often include many desired features of mobile phone insurance, such as loss, theft, accidental damage, worldwide cover, and provide you with a replacement phone in the UK or abroad free of charge if needed.

5 stars – Insurers with a 5 star rating offer an excellent product with a comprehensive range of features. This includes standard loss, theft, accidental damage, worldwide cover, and a replacement phone. They offer overseas cover for a longer duration than other lower star ratings, often have no limit on the amount of claims that can be made, and cover unauthorised calls.

loveit coverit are a mobile phone insurer you can trust. With a 5 star rating, we offer mobile phone insurance packages with a complete range of features to ensure your phone is kept as safe and secure as possible.



What does loveit coverit’s 5 Star Defaqto rating mean to you?

With so many mobile phone insurers on the market, it is important to make an informed choice. Defaqto star ratings allow you to base your decisions on the quality of a product, not just the cost.

We’re proud to hold the Defaqto 5 star rating. Not only does it give you peace of mind your insurance is in the best possible hands, it saves you time and effort researching where we sit within the industry.

Why choose loveit coverit

Providing gadget insurance for almost 30 years
No minimum contracts
Unlimited Worldwide Cover
1 month free on all annual policies
£10,000 Unauthorised Usage Cover
All claims handled in-house