10 mobile resolutions you need to stick to in 2016


And no we’re not talking about the clarity of your screen. Just as we pick up bad habits in other areas of our lives, most of us are guilty of a little mobile phone neglect from time to time. Creating a set of New Year’s resolutions for your smartphone could help it to run faster, more effectively and more securely.Without further ado, brush away the crumbs from your turkey sandwiches, get a pen and paper and start making your list. Here’s ours:

  • I will… look after my battery

Repeatedly leaving your phone until the battery has run completely flat before charging it won’t do it any favours, and neither will leaving it on charge overnight. Keeping your phone cool is also a good way of protecting your battery. If you want to help your battery last longer, then simple tips like disabling Wi-Fi and GPS when you don’t need them can make a big difference.

  • I will… delete old photos

This serves two functions. Deleting some old photos from your phone can help to free up storage, and it’s also a great opportunity to go through and get rid of some of your old embarrassing snaps.

  • I will…. delete old apps

Just as old photos can use up valuable storage space, so can apps. They can also use up a significant amount of battery and make your phone run much slower, so it’s worth having a clear-out and seeing if there are any apps you don’t use anymore that you could live without.

  • I will… turn my phone off before I go to bed

Numerous studies have shown that smartphones and sleep are not a dream combination. This is primarily to do with the blue light they emit- by disrupting melatonin, smartphone light in turn disrupts your sleep schedules. If you really can’t bear to turn off your phone an hour or two before you go to bed, then check whether your device has a bedtime mode.

  • I will… use my phone to get fit

There are so many fitness apps available, and now that you’re getting all that extra sleep, you’ll have more energy to actually use them! Some smartphones even have built in health and fitness software such as the Samsung Galaxy S5, which lets you keep track of your diet and exercise as well as check your weight and your stress levels.

  • I will… clean my phone

Think about all the things you touch in any given day, and then think about how many times you touch your phone. Now think about how many times you hold it up against your face and go and clean it…..

  • I will… make sure my phone is more secure

Your phone has just as much sensitive data as your laptop, if not more, especially if you sometimes make online purchases via your device, or use online banking. There’s lots you can do to improve the security, so make it a priority in 2016.

  • I will… make more of an effort to call family and friends

We all lead such busy lives, and with the amount of things we use our phones for nowadays, sometimes we forget to use them for what they were invented for… calling people!

  • I will… put my phone down from time to time

With texts, WhatsApp and social media messages pinging through to your phone, not to mention work emails and news updates, it can be all too easy to forget to reply to the people stood right in front of you!

  • I will… get insurance

Don’t start the year with good intentions and end it with a cracked screen. Make sure your device is covered against accidental damage, mechanical breakdown, theft, loss and liquid damage!