5 Christmas Shopping Ideas for the Smartphone Enthusiast


Struggling for gift ideas? We all know someone who is glued to their phone, whether it’s your teenage daughter on WhatsApp to her friends, or your elderly grandfather who has recently discovered the world of wireless technology. Surprise them with an accessory to go with their beloved device. Below we’ve shared five ideas:

  • iPhone/iPad charging stand

If you know someone who can’t bear to be parted from their mobile, even when it’s on charge, then an iPhone or iPad charging stand could be the perfect present. The dock keeps their phone within visible range whilst charging it, and can be placed anywhere from a desk, to a bedside cabinet or even your kitchen table.

  • Selfie stick

There’s at least one person in every family that loves taking selfies. Make it easier for them with a selfie stick! There are all sorts of fancy creations available in different colours, as well as ones that extend like tripods to help you take photos from the best possible angle.

  • Bluetooth keyboard

Big thumbs, small screen? If you know someone struggling to get to grips with touch screens, then consider investing in a Bluetooth keyboard. As well as being ideal for the slightly older generation, they’re also great for people who use their devices for work, making it easier to type emails and word documents.

  • Noise isolating headphones

If you regularly speak to someone on speakerphone or hands free, but struggle to hear each other, then noise isolating headphones are a safe bet. You can also get them relatively cheap too. Alternatively, there are some great themed ones, if you’re searching for a really personal gift.

  • Portable battery

A practical gift, portable batteries may not be the most exciting thing to unwrap, but they can be something of a lifesaver. If you’re fed up with your partner stealing your charger, consider getting them a portable battery that charges their device on the go. They’re great for long days or overnight trips.