Protect Your Investment

Avator By Jonathan Owen
Marketing Manager
Published 5th January 2018
Last modified 25th May 2022
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Taking a photo with a smartphone

Think that having your phone repaired won’t be much of a problem should accidental or mechanical damage occur? Think again. Smashed screens are one of the most common accidental damage claims and without insurance screen repair can cost up to £126, depending on your iPhone model. That’s a price tag that is guaranteed to come as a nasty shock should your iPhone accidentally slip out of your hand in the street. 

Your iPhone is an investment and we truly believe that insurance is the best way to protect the money you have put into your device. Many would rather dip into their ‘rainy day’ fund to pay out for any necessary repair or replacement. However, this approach can often cost you more for a low quality result – especially if you are considering using high street third party shops. 

At loveit coverit, we repair and refresh all of our phones to the highest possible standard. We ensure that all of the devices we repair and restore look and operate as though they were new before we send them out to our customers. So, when you invest in iPhone insurance with us you can feel confident you a receiving an excellent repair or replacement for your money. 

Don’t leave your iPhone in the hands of repair cowboys, or pay again for the device that you love – iPhone insurance with loveit coverit means you don’t need to worry about the device you adore. Don’t just wait for the unexpected and pay a large bill; protect your investment with us. 

 For many, taking out iPhone insurance seems like an unnecessary luxury. It’s all too easy to believe that nothing bad will happen to your handset- especially if you have a great track record so far. However, accidental damage, mechanical damage, theft and loss are more common than you may believe and it can be all too easy to underestimate the cost of repair and replacement. 

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