Protect Your Phone from the Office Christmas Party


When it comes to the office Christmas party, some things are inevitable. Someone will corner you for a heart to heart, someone will leave with someone they shouldn’t and someone else will cry in the toilets. There may even be David Brent dancing. There will certainly be a text to your closest work friend the next morning dissecting the events of the night before.

Unless of course you lose your phone. At best you miss out on the gossip, at worst you’re left overanalysing your own actions of the evening with no one to confirm or deny your fears. Don’t let it happen to you; we’ve shared five tips for how you can keep your phone safe, but also how your phone can keep you safe.

  •  Make sure you phone is fully charged.

This serves two functions. It’s important from a safety perspective- after all no one wants a train journey or cab ride home with a phone that has a flat battery. Also, if you do leave your phone somewhere and someone decent and honest picks it up- whether it’s the bar tender, taxi driver or fellow colleague, then at least you can ring your phone, find out where it is, and make arrangements to collect it.

  •  Save some licensed taxi numbers

Even if you already have your route home planned, plans change. You might have arrangements to be picked up at a certain time but if you end up being the aforementioned person crying in the toilets, you might prefer to leave early. That’s why it makes sense to have the phone numbers of two or three licensed taxi firms saved in your phone. It’s also a good idea to have the numbers of a few of your colleagues too, just in case you get separated during the night (and so you can text them the next morning of course).

  •  Get a sturdy waterproof case

Investing in a sturdy, waterproof case could protect your phone should you have one too many and accidentally drop it, or god forbid, if someone else has one too many and knocks it out your hands. It can also deter thieves by disguising what phone you have- something to think about if you own the latest iPhone for example. It may also be worth choosing a bright and distinctive case to deter potential thieves.

  •  Keep it out of sight

Again, this serves two functions. As well as preventing your phone from being lost, damaged or stolen, it’s also a handy deterrent from typing out a drunken text or witty Facebook status you may live to regret. Keeping your phone zipped away in a bag, rather than your jacket pocket, or worse your hand, may seem like obvious advice, but ask yourself how often you genuinely follow it.

  •  Download the Find My Phone app

Just in case the worst does happen, make sure you’re reunited with your phone as soon as possible. If you’re an iPhone user, download the Find My Phone app. It shows where your phone is on Google Maps, and lets you lock your screen and erase your data. The Where’s My Droid app does a similar job for those on Android, whilst those with a Windows phone can simply go to and click My Phone to erase their data.