The Best Christmas Apps

xmas bauble

With less than 3 weeks to go until Christmas, time is officially running out. If you’re less than organised, there are some great festive apps out there that can help you out with everything from your presents to your pigs in blankets. Whether you’re Android or iOS, Santa doesn’t discriminate and neither do his app developers. Here are our top five:

  • Good Food Festive Recipes

This BBC app is a lifesaver, regardless of your level of experience in the kitchen- with over 180 recipes, one of them is bound to go right. As well as covering every course, this £1.99 app also has a great selection of veggie options. It even teaches you how to chop an onion, so there are literally no excuses.

  • Gift Wrapping Instant Expert

If your present wrapping skills leave something to be desired, this app teaches you everything from creating the perfect bow, to making your own custom gift tags so you can take the credit for them. Stock up on Sellotape, get down the app store and away you go.

  • Inkly cards

This clever app allows you to create and send your own handwritten Christmas cards straight from your iPhone or iPad. Simply write your message on a piece of paper, take a photo and transfer your handwriting into one of 1,300 designs! For £2.99 plus 49p first class postage, your handwritten card will be printed and sent to your chosen recipient.

  • Portable North Pole App

Great for keeping the kids entertained whilst you chop onions and learn to tie bows, this app lets parents send their children personalised videos from Father Christmas. Available on iOS and Android, more than 100 million people are rumoured to have used the app so far, and this year 5% of the revenue from its online purchases will go to British hospitals.

  • ElfYourself

This final app is for when you’ve got everything sorted. Once your final present is wrapped and under the tree, afford yourself a smug grin and an eggnog and set about downloading the ElfYourself app from Office Depot. Upload five headshots of you and your friends or family to create a personalised video of you performing a choreographed elf routine. If you want a really good laugh, use images of your colleagues.