(Trick or) Treat Yourself to These 5 Hallowe’en Apps


It’s that time of year again when strangers come knocking on your door demanding confectionary based goods. On any other day you’d call the police, but come October 31st you feel obliged to present said visitors with as many sweets as it takes to see them on their way. Here at loveit coverit we’re getting in the `spirit` of Hallowe’en by taking a look at some of our favourite Hallowe’en apps. In no particular order, here are our best five…..

Ever wondered how you’d look as a zombie? The wait is over with this new app from MotionPortrait, Inc. Available for iOS and Android users, ZombieBooth lets you instantly turn your face into a 3D animated zombie- perfect for those who don’t want to go to the trouble of actually dressing up.

Designed to detect paranormal activity, Ghost Radar® takes various readings and analyses them. Tweak radar settings and freak your friends out.

Great for those with kids, this new app from Glympse Inc. can be used to follow your child’s location on a map. It’s worth bearing in mind that the use of GPS is likely to drain your battery though so make sure everyone’s fully charged at the start of the evening.

Another child friendly app, the Hallowe’en Card Creator lets you create cards and share them with friends. Available to use on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, the app comes with plenty of Hallowe’en themed backgrounds, clip arts and fonts. You can even add items like stickers, texts or photos from the Photo Album.

If you’re a die-hard fan of The Walking Dead, then we would imagine that rarely a day goes by without you wondering what you would look like as a zombie from the show. Now you finally have the opportunity to `dead` yourself, with this great new app from FOX, complete with props. There’s even the chance to vote for the best pictures in the Walker Photo Gallery.