Buying a refurbished gadget

If you don't want to spend a fortune for a new gadget, there is an alternative for you - a refurbished gadget. Whether you're looking for a refurbished phone, laptop or tablet, we created this page to answer all of your questions about refurbished devices.

Best Refurbished Phone Deals

Grade A Apple iPhone XR 64GB unlocked - £499.97 Buy Now
Grade A Apple iPhone 11 - £614.99 Buy Now
Grade A Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - £549.97 Buy Now
Grade A Samsung Galaxy S9 - £299 Buy Now
Grade A Google Pixel 3 - £429 Buy Now
Grade A Apple iPhone XS - £699 Buy Now

What is a refurbished gadget?

A refurbished gadget is usually a pre-owned device that has been sent back due to a fault and then has been repaired for re-sale, but not all refurbished devices were at one stage faulty. Some retailers call a gadget refurbished when it has been sent back to them within 30-day cooling-off period after a client has signed a contract. A refurbished device can also be a handset simply sold by their previous owner. Some retailers might refer to this type of device as refreshed or reconditioned as well. This applies to all gadgets - phones, laptops, cameras, smartwatches and tablets.

What type of refurbished gadgets are there?

When retailers refurbish a gadget, they give it one of three 'grades': A, B or C.
Grade A - Very best quality you can expect from a refurbished device. Looks almost as good as new, very minor signs of handling/wear
Grade B - The device could have a few scratches, chips or other small cosmetic damage,but is in a great working condition
Grade C - will visibly show signs of wear and tear,so it will look used, but will be in working condition.

What is the price of a refurbished device?

The price of a refurbished gadget will depend on the phone model and the grade. Grade A gadgets will be more expensive than B and C and respectively grade B will be more expensive than grade C refurbished device. The price will vary across different retailers, so it is important that you compare the prices before buying a refurbished gadget.

Laptop and Tablet Deals

Apple iPad Mini 3 £204 from Music Magpie
HP EliteBook 840 G1 Ultrabook £359.97 from Laptops Direct
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 £249.99 from Smart Cellular

Where to buy a refurbished gadget?

It can be difficult to find the best place where to buy a refurbished gadget. Therefore, we gathered some of the best places online where to buy a refurbished device.

Online selling platforms

You can get a refurbished device from the very well-known online selling platforms like ebay and amazon. If you're worrying whether the phone will be properly checked and whether it will have warranty - most of sellers do offer warranty and provide details of the tests made, the same as any other refurbished device seller.


You can buy a refurbished device directly from a network provider which could make the whole process of buying a gadget way easier. They can set you up with a contract (if applicable) when you're buying the device and that saves you another trip or a phone call to the closest network provider. However, if you are not currently using a specific network and want to buy from them, make sure that the device is unlocked.
You can find refurbished devices from UK Networks here:

- EE
- o2
- Giffgaff


There are many websites offering refurbished gadgets. Most of the phones and tablets are SIM free and unlocked. We gathered some of the best and easiest to use for you:

- Handtec
- Smart Cellular
- Music Magpie
- Laptops Direct

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High-End Phone + Contract

Iphone XS Like New (Grade A) 64 GB £48.52 a month, £50.00 upfront. Save £119.88 from O2
Samsung Galaxy S9 (Grade A) 64 GB £33.19 a month, £50.00 upfront. Save £119.88 from O2
Samsung S20 Ultra 5G 128GB £71 a month, £49 upfront. Save over £100 from Vodafone

What should I keep in mind before buying a refurbished device?

Before buying the gadget, you should find out whether it is locked or unlocked. If the refurbished handset is locked, it means that you can only use a specific service provider. If it is unlocked, you can use all available service providers. Another thing to keep in mind is that most likely the device won't come in the original packaging and may not have all the accessories, but you can be sure that the device will be tested and will usually come with a warranty.

Phones Under £300

Apple Iphone 7 (Grade A) 32 GB £249.97 from laptopsdirect. Save £155 from RRP
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus (Grade A) £279.99 from Smart Cellular. Save over £160 from RRP
Samsung Galaxy S8 (Grade A) 64 GB £269.00 from handtec. Save £331 from RRP

How good is a refurbished device?

Before the gadget is put on sale, the device is thoroughly checked and tested to ensure that they are in a fully working condition. Usually the testing consists of checking all buttons and cameras, ensuring that the battery is charging, checking the audio quality, screen responsiveness and whether the device connects to the network (3G/4G/5G, Wi-Fi) without any problems. All previous user data is wiped from the device.

The quality of the gadget also depends on the grade of it, but in any case, you will be getting a device in a full working condition for a cheaper price.

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Which handset is the best for me?

It can be hard to choose a gadget since there are so many options available. Before choosing a handset for you, you should think about your budget and your needs. If you are a tech savvy person, you can find the newest phone models for a reasonable price. If you don't mind a bit older phone, like the iPhone 7 or Galaxy S8, you can save up to £300 when buying a Grade A Refurbished phone instead of a new device. If you need a phone just for the basic needs- calling and messaging, you could get a great deal for just under £150.
The same goes for laptops - you can get a decent HP or Dell laptop for around £300-400, but if you're Apple lover, then a refurbished MacBook would cost starting from £600.
You can get refurbished iPads and Samsung tablets for fraction of the actual price and it is really a question of how technically advanced tablet you need and which brand you prefer.

Can I insure a refurbished gadget?

Most gadget insurance policies also insure second-hand or refurbished gadgets. Many major network providers do insure refurbished gadgets, but only those bought directly from them. However, many providers will not offer insurance for gadgets bought from third party websites, such as eBay.

Another thing to keep in mind is that most of insurers will require the device to have 12-month warranty from the seller, which in most cases is supplied when buying a refurbished device.

You can insure any Grade A device with loveit coverit. Get a quote here

Whilst some networks offer a separate refurbished gadget section, the price for insurance is usually relatively similar to purchasing a new phone from a network provider. There are some insurance providers offering a higher premium for refurbished devices,because they see them as a higher risk devices. However, most of insurance providers treat refurbished gadget as any other device. There are no separate terms and conditions for these devices.

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