Are female gamers dominating mobile gaming?

Avator By Jonathan Owen
Marketing Manager
Published 10th January 2022
Last modified 20th June 2023
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Are female gamers dominating mobile gaming?

At Loveit Coverit we’re no strangers to gaming, from our enthusiastic staff to our specialist Nintendo Switch insurance policies gaming is often part of the day-to-day conversation and culture in the office. As a relative new kid on the block gaming on mobiles is a major player in the modern-day gaming culture, and all indicators are pointing to ladies ruling to roost in the mobile gaming scene with an increasing hold in the console market too. We’ve spoken to some of our staff members to get their perspective on the statistics and insight into what the appeal of mobile gaming is and the response was pretty unanimous, with the majority of ladies preferring gaming on their mobiles whilst gents preferred a PC experience and an even crossover on consoles.

So what is it that draws more female gamers to mobile devices? Or possibly a better question is what is it that alienates the male audience from the mobile gaming experience? One answer comes from the gaming industry itself which has historically been targeted at a male audience. The advent of the smart phone has put technology that could only be dreamed of in the hands of people that have never been targeted by the gaming giants; male, female, young and old. This has caused a shift with mobile game development to exploit this new diverse audience and develop games that don’t just have teenage boys in mind. We couldn’t be happy to see more diversity in gaming across all platforms, in 2020 18% of games launched featured female characters which is a huge increase on previous years. Mobile devices lend themselves to highly addictive puzzle based games such an Angry Birds and Candy Crush that bring people back time and time again to compete against themselves and their friends to be the best. We say viva la revolution!

Here’s a few quotes we’ve found that highlight the issues with the gaming industry that are now being chipped away at thanks to mobile gaming:

A 2020 study of the top fourteen global gaming companies reveals that 84% of executive positions in the gaming industry are held by men.


Female character representation in video games is lacking with only 5% of video games showcasing female protagonists. Various studies reveal that gender stereotypes continue to prevail in video games, with female characters often objectified and hypersexualized.