Apple Watch insurance

Comprehensive insurance for all Apple Watch models at great prices, with experienced in-house customer care.

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Apple Watch insurance

Comprehensive insurance for all Apple Watch models at great prices, with experienced in-house customer care.

1 Million+

Gadgets insured
4.8 / 5

Trustpilot score
Authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority
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What is Apple Watch Insurance?

Apple Watch insurance is a type of gadget insurance created specifically to assist you if something happens to your Apple Watch. The coverage included in an Apple Watch insurance policy takes into account the requirements of Apple products and services. So if something happens to your Apple Watch, you can be sure that Apple Watch insurance will cover it.

Do you need Apple Watch insurance?

Apple Watches are one of the most popular but also one of the most expensive smart watches in the market. They are packed with the latest technology and their clean design sets them apart from other smart watches.

However, if anything happened to your Apple Watch, would you be able to pay hundreds of pounds to repair or replace it? Some of the most expensive Apple Watches can cost over £700 to replace and there probably are other ways how you would like to spend that money.

Our Apple Watch insurance gives you the opportunity to pay a small monthly or annual premium and in case something happens to your watch, we will repair or replace it without any additional cost (besides the excess, which varies from £60-£80 depending on the type of claim).

What does loveit coverit Apple Watch insurance cover?

There’s plenty of unfortunate things that can happen to your Apple Watch – it can fall out of your pocket and smash against the ground or you could lose it or have it taken from you.
You can’t predict everything that might happen, so our Apple Watch insurance is designed to protect you against practically all the things that could.

Accidental damage
Liquid damage
Cracked screen
Unauthorised calls up to £10,000
Accessories up to £175
Mechanical breakdown
Worldwide cover

We also offer

Unlimited claims
In-house customer service team
12-month warranty on replacements

How much does Apple Watch insurance cost?

The price of Apple Watch insurance depends on what model of Apple Watch you own and whether it is cellular and Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi model only. Usually, the older and cheaper the device, the lower the cost of insurance will be.

Most recent models can cost more to insure but that is not always the case. You can find out the price of your Apple Watch insurance here.

10% discount - when you insure more than one gadget

Apple Watch insurance explained

Insurance might seem like something really difficult to understand without a little explanation. We know that you’ll want to know what you are covered for with our Apple Watch insurance before getting a policy. So, this section will tell you about each thing that’s covered so you know what you're protected against.
Accidental Damage
Accidents happen. But when they happen to your smart watch, our comprehensive cover gives you peace of mind and financial reassurance.
Liquid Damage
Nothing attracts water quite like high-tech gadgets. Protect your Apple Watch against liquid damage and we’ll get it repaired or replaced.
Cracked Screen
Dropped or knocked your smart watch and the screen is cracked or not working properly? Don’t worry, we will get it repaired!
We offer a replacement Apple watch when your device is taken from you.
Mechanical Breakdown
We’ll cover your Apple watch if an electrical or mechanical fault occurs outside of its warranty period.
Worldwide Cover
We know you love to take your devices with you wherever you go, so if that’s abroad, you’ll be pleased to know our insurance includes unlimited worldwide cover.

How often will you need to pay for your Apple Watch insurance?

This depends on the type of policy you have chosen – monthly or annual. We always give our customers the chance to choose the best payment option for them.
If you’ve chosen a monthly policy, you will only have to pay once a month at a date most convenient for you. If you’ve chosen an annual policy, you only have to pay once a year. Very often paying annually works out to be cheaper than paying the premium every month and you don’t have to worry about the payment every month as your Apple Watch will be insured for a year.

Please note, we don’t take any payments in the first 14 days after the policy start date, therefore your first two payments might be taken in the same month (if you’ve chosen a monthly policy). Don’t worry if this happens. After the first month, you will only have to pay once a month.

Frequently asked questions

Who are loveit coverit?

Working in partnership with AXA we are a trusted, specialist provider of mobile phone and tablet insurance policies direct to the consumer. loveit coverit is a trading style of Pier Insurance Managed Services Ltd.

Pier Insurance Managed Services Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FCA registration no. 311798.

How does smart watch cover work?

In basic terms, you choose the insurance policy that’s right for you and your gadget, and then check if we’ll cover it. Once that’s sorted, you’ll pay a monthly fee (or one-off annual charge if you feel like it) to ensure you gadget is protected. If something should happen to your smart watch during the policy period, you make a claim and we’ll guarantee you a repair or replacement.

What does smart watch insurance cover?

The majority of smart watch insurance providers will cover your device against damage and theft, ensuring that you’ll get a repair or replacement should the worst happen. Some insurers, like loveit coverit, will even cover you worldwide.

Is there a limit to how many times I can claim?

You will need to check your policy details, but we now provide unlimited claims for loss, theft and damage during each 12-month calendar period of your policy.

Do I still need insurance if I already have a manufacturer’s warranty?

You may have 12 months' coverage with your manufacturer, but this will usually only cover mechanical breakdowns. Cracked screens, liquid damage, accidental damage, loss, and theft are not included.

How to cancel Apple Watch insurance?

If you want to cancel your smart watch insurance, you’ll need to contact your provider. If you’re on a monthly direct debit, you’ll usually have to pay the remainder of the month, after which you’ll no longer be covered. For annual policies, you’ll be covered until the end of your policy period, after which you’ll no longer be covered.