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Single Trip Travel insurance

Comprehensive Single Trip Travel insurance at great prices, with experienced UK-based customer service team.


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For when you're abroad


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Single Trip Travel insurance

Comprehensive Single Trip Travel insurance at great prices, with experienced UK-based customer service team.


Cover Included

24/7 Helpline

For when you're abroad
Authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority

A policy that covers a one-off holiday

When you spend the best part of the year grinding away working, it’s natural to count down the days until your well-deserved annual getaway.

With a single-trip travel insurance policy, your dream holiday can be covered from the day you make your booking to the day you return home.

This one-time cover is perfect if you’re not a frequent traveller, and provides a safety net against common disruptions such as delayed flights to medical expenses.

If it’s only a single-trip, do I need cover?

You’re not alone in thinking, if I don’t go away that often, is there any harm in giving Travel Insurance
a miss? After all, nearly 3.5 million people travelled without insurance each year.

Yet, even on the most relaxing beach getaways, things can go pear-shaped, which is why we recommend you do the smart thing by protecting yourself with adequate cover.

Plus, over 80% of young Brits say they’re more adventurous when on holiday, meaning there’s a further increased risk that an accident could happen, which makes getting the right cover that much more crucial.

How does single-trip travel insurance work?

Single-trip travel insurance is a one-off purchase designed for one holiday only. Depending on your chosen cover level, it may or may not cover lost luggage, delays and cancellations but will cover medical expenses (just be sure to check how much), from the time of booking, to your return.

Once you and your luggage return home safe and sound, your policy will expire, and you will need to arrange a new policy when booking your next trip.

If you’re someone who rarely travels then this type of policy can work out a lot cheaper than taking out multi-trip insurance. Plus, you can tailor the policy to cover the exact number of days you’re away, where you’re travelling to and any activities you may be doing.

It doesn’t matter if you’re travelling between different locations while vacationing, as long as you declare the places you intend to travel throughout the duration of your trip.



When selecting single-trip travel insurance, look at the different cover levels to choose from, such as Essential, Plus and Premium. The higher the premium the more generous the benefits and levels of protection.

Remember, the cheapest quote might be more attractive on paper, but make sure your policy covers everything you need such as personal liability cover and stolen possessions. Also, think about your budget and ask if you can afford the higher excess costs of a low premium should the worst happen.

Lastly, to avoid duplicating cover i.e. you might already be insured for your electronic items such as laptops and smartphones, by double checking pre-existing insurance, as you don’t want to pay out twice.

When can I buy single cover insurance?

It’s a good idea to arrange your single-trip cover the same time you book your holiday. You want to reap all the benefits your policy has to offer, especially if your trip gets cancelled by unforeseen circumstances like a hurricane or strike action. By arranging cover from the get-go, you’re covered for longer should any hiccups occur.

Many insurers will allow you to activate a policy a year to 18 months before departure, giving you a good window of time to relax in the knowledge that you’re covered should anything bad happen. So, if life gets in the way or circumstances change, you can rest easy that your cover will take care of it for you.

Can I still buy travel insurance after booking?

Holiday booked already? Don’t worry, you haven’t missed the boat. It’s not a problem to arrange your single-trip travel insurance after booking your trip away. Many spontaneous travellers book their cover a day or two before their flight, and this is perfectly fine too.

In fact, if you have left it late, many insurers will let you take out a policy the very same day you are travelling, just as long as you’re not already en route and through customs.

Do I need travel insurance for a one-way trip?

There are many reasons for booking a one-way trip, such as going to stay with family abroad, embarking on a world cruise or going backpacking.

If you’re planning to be out of the country for some time and are not committed to returning on a particular date, it makes sense to cover yourself for one outbound journey. After all, you still run the risk of a cancelled flight or luggage going missing.

It’s worth noting that any form of single-trip insurance isn’t specifically designed for people that are emigrating, so it’s a good idea to browse alternative types of insurance if you are moving abroad permanently.

Can you get travel insurance for a one-way trip?

Yes, you can! Although most single-trip travel insurance policies are based on one outbound and one inbound journey, you can take out a policy for a one-way journey too, this will be valid from the time you arrange it, to the moment you touch down, safe and sound on home turf.

There is usually a time limit imposed on when you arrive at your chosen destination so it might be wise to adjust this slightly to give you at least a couple of days breathing space.



Alternatively, if you plan to make multiple trips a year between countries, an annual travel insurance policy can work out better value for money as this is designed for those who take 3+ trips per year.

Be aware that each individual trip usually has a time cap of around 31-60 days, so you need to be confident of your plans before committing to this sort of policy.

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