Medical Travel Insurance frequently asked questions

We will consider all medical conditions including heart conditions, diabetes and cancer as part of our medical screening process. However, in some cases we are unable to provide cover.

A pre-existing medical condition can be any kind of illness, disability or injury that exists when or before you take out your travel insurance policy. It can also mean acute or chronic conditions you’ve recovered from such as cancer or high blood pressure.

You must declare any of the following conditions for which you have taken and/or been prescribed medication or received treatment (including surgery, tests or investigations in the last 5 years:
  • Any cardiovascular (heart, arteries or vein related) or respiratory (related to the lungs) condition
  • Any cancer, diabetes, epilepsy or stroke

If we are unable to provide you with a quote, we can direct you to the Money Advice Service who have introduced a service to help find customers with pre-existing medical conditions find affordable cover. For more information or to us their service visit Money Advice Service or call on 0800 1387777 (lines are open Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm).

You will be asked whether you have a medical condition when getting a travel insurance quote. If you do, you can add it to your policy then. If you forgot to add a medical condition or have a new condition you didn’t have at the time of the inception of the policy, please contact us. In both situations you will need to go through our medical screening process in order to find out whether we cover the specific condition.

If you were diagnosed with COVID-19, you will need to declare this as a pre-existing medical condition.

Covered as Standard

Conditions: No cover if travelling against medical advice. Cover may be reduced if travelling against government or other regulatory authority (click here for more info).

  • A health crisis abroad is a gloomy topic but it’s the most important element of yourm policy, so you don’t want to trip up when choosing your levels of cover.
  • Medical bills abroad can come to eye watering amounts and both our Essential & Plus packages will cover emergency costs plus the repatriation costs to get you home to the tune of £10,000,000.
  • However, if you are particularly concerned about medical expenses, maybe for example, you have a pre-existing health condition which increases the chances of you falling ill, then you could have up to £15,000,000 cover in our Premium package.
  • Aside from medical emergencies all cover levels cater for emergency dental treatments and hospital treatments.

  • In case of any medical emergency, you must contact us on +44 0203 ‍0931749 as soon as possible.
  • For outpatient treatment (excluding fractures) you should pay for the treatment. Please keep all original receipts and obtain a medical report from the hospital confirming the illness or injury, any treatment and admission and discharge dates if applicable.
  • A medical report from the medical practitioner confirming the treatment and medical expenses.
  • If there are any outstanding expenses, please send a copy of the outstanding bill. Please also mark on it that it remains outstanding.
  • If you incur any additional expenses after the prior authorisation of AXA Assistance, please provide these receipts.