The Top Gadgets Set to Strike in 2021

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Avator By Jonathan Owen
Marketing Manager
Published 22nd January 2021
Last modified 14th October 2022
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2020 was undoubtedly a difficult year for many with the COVID-19 pandemic taking our personal lives and professional lives by storm. However, as we begin the New Year it’s safe to say that we’re looking to set a more positive tone and look for new ways to better our everyday lives – whether that’s through fitness goals, creative targets or even professional aspirations!

Whatever your situation, it’s more than likely that you’ll also be looking for a little retail therapy to help you on your way – which, as you’ve probably already guessed, is exactly why we’re here.

In the below article, we’ll be running through some of the top gadgets set to take the world by storm in 2021. So, buckle in and let’s get started!

Apple AirTags

Well, it wouldn’t be a real article on technical innovation if the Apple brand didn’t make at least one appearance!

Unlike any other product from Apple, AirTags are targeted towards protecting our easily misplaced possessions – such as our keys, our purses or our luggage. These tags will provide users with unique tracking ability through the collaboration of GPS, Bluetooth and Apple OS to keep track of whatever item you attach them to.

It’s safe to say if you find yourself in a forgetful spot often, this gadget could be the perfect fit!

Samsung 110” MicroLED TV

You may have thought you’d seen it all when it comes to televisions, but we’re here to tell you otherwise. Samsung is bringing out the 110” MicroLED TV which exceeds every expectation. With a split-screen design, you’ll be able to divide your attention or share the screen with those in your households.

What’s more, this TV is coming to you with 4K HDR content and fantastic audio quality – so you won’t be left squinting at the screen trying to figure out what’s going on!

Samsung Galaxy S21

The realm of mobile phones is undoubtedly competitive with the likes of Apple and Google paving the way. However, this year we’re keeping an eyes’ focus on the Samsung Galaxy S21. Already available to pre-order, the devices come packed with 5G compatibility, water-resistance and a sleek new design in a range of colours.

And this promising new handset can currently be secured at some low price points that would excite anyone. In fact, with Three, you can half your monthly contract price for the first sixth months!

OnePlus Smartwatch

If you haven’t invested in a smartwatch as of yet, we’re sure that you will soon. Brands such as Fitbit and Apple have stormed the consumer market – however, we think it’s OnePlus you should be keeping your eye on.

CEO, Pete Lau, confirmed that the OnePlus smartwatch will be hitting the market in early 2021. At present, there have been no concrete details offered to give us an inkling of what the watch will look like, how it will work or what price point it will come in at. Despite that, it’s safe to say that the tech world is itching to get their hands on the new gadget.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Wireless earphones are something that will never go out of style – that much we’re sure of. And, Samsung is leading us into 2021 with the excitement of their Galaxy Buds Pro. The earphones are set to launch alongside the Samsung Galaxy S21 series.

Again, this gadget isn’t something we know a huge amount about but, if past experience tells us anything, it’s that they’ll have good sound quality, a comfortable design and long-lasting battery.


With 2020 behind us, it may feel like the perfect time to offer yourself a little treat - and it’s safe to say that any of the above could be the ideal gadget to brighten up your 2021. However, to prevent it becoming a short-lived treat, it’s a good idea to consider how you’ll protect your purchase going forward - whether that’s protective casings, comprehensive insurance options or just some sensible actions to avoid!