The Top 5 Apps to Support Your Recycling Habits

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Avator By Jonathan Owen
Marketing Manager
Published 21st September 2020
Last modified 20th June 2023
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With Recycle Week upon us, it’s high time that we shake up our normal habits and engage in some environmentally-conscious activities. The obvious suggestion being; recycling!

This isn’t a new notion but like every habit, it’s been increasingly difficult to break in and some of us are still struggling to get into the rhythm. Luckily, like most things nowadays, there is an abundance of resources and applications that are available to support us as we make this transition!

So, why not take a look at our top 5 applications that are sure to help you on your way.


Despite many organisations moving towards digital means when it comes to consumer communication, we still receive our fair share of junk mail each morning. From takeaway pamphlets to independent advertisements, it’s safe to say we’ve all grown tired of the relentless morning routine.

Whilst inconvenient, the pivotal consequence of this communication type is the huge amounts of wasted paper. However, as you’ve likely guessed, there’s a way of addressing the situation!

PaperKarma is an application that will unsubscribe your details from the sender’s list. All you need to do is scan the post and the PaperKarma team will sort out the rest.


If you’re already acing the in-house recycling practices – i.e. sorting your waste into the respective bins – then the next step might be finding the correct disposal site. Whilst collection services may be available for standard recyclables, others may need to be placed in specific locations. iRecycle makes this process simple by using your live location and identifying the closest, and relevant, bins.

The app will prompt you to select the materials that you are disposing – from garden waste, recycling waste or general waste – and offer you some location options along with the necessary directions. If you’re looking to clarify what each bin is for or want more information on different recycling procedures, then the app can provide that also!


When considering recycling as a whole, it’s likely that your mind will wander towards the cardboard boxes that are lingering by the front door or the scraps of paper that are littered around the house. However, recycling is much broader than those materials specifically.

A great way to improve our recycling habits is by assessing and managing our food wastage – because hundreds of thousands of tonnes are wasted collectively by the food industry. And this is food that is still in usable condition.

Olio has set out to tackle this issue by connecting individuals with each other and additionally with local businesses. The application encourages users to share their food surplus rather than needlessly throw it away – offering a new face for recycling.

All users must do is log onto the app and list the product with an attached picture. After that, it’s up to other users to get in touch and organise a collection. Yes, it really is that simple!


If you can believe it, it’s currently estimated that £140 million worth of clothing makes its way into landfill each year. And, more often than not, the clothes we are disposing of are still in wearable condition and are simply not our style anymore. As such, it’s a great idea to check out apps and services that facilitate the buying and selling of second-hand clothing – and Depop is exactly that.

The platform allows you to list your own clothing that may no longer fit or suit your style and additionally gives you a peek at items from another individual’s wardrobe. The obvious benefit being, you can profit from your unused clothes!


RecycleNow isn’t actually an app you can find on your phone, but its website is easily accessible and is packed with worthwhile information. Their platform tells you all you need to know about recycling your old electricals – along with numerous other recycling practices – from the toaster that stopped working months ago to the straighteners that were replaced by a newer model!

Whatever electrical good you’re looking to bin, RecycleNow will point you towards the appropriate disposal site – ensuring that your old electricals don’t end up in landfills!


Whilst these apps work to provide a holistic understanding of the recycling industry, there’s no question that there are still numerous decisions we can take in our daily lives to further improve our recycling habits – from investing in a refurbished phone to opting for recycled stationery lines.

However, what these apps do provide is a fantastic starting point to get the ball rolling!