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Comparing mobile phone insurance: what is covered?

If you own a smartphone, we’re sure you’ve asked yourself, ‘do I really need phone insurance?’ or ‘is phone insurance worth it?’, at least once. You may be wondering if you are already covered by your network provider, bank or home insurance. No matter how careful we are with our phones, they tend to come into misfortune sooner or later. Whether we smash our phone screen, or even worse drop it in the bath and render our phone beyond repair, it’s always an unwelcome surprise. These are just some of the most common claims regarding mobile phone insurance.

In this post, we compare mobile phone insurance across the board, so you can choose the best cover for you.

Phone insurance providerCover for theft, loss and accidental damage?Minimum ExcessUnlimited claims per period?Cancel anytime?In-house claims handling?Number of years providing cover in the UK
loveit coverit Yes25YesYesYes29
Gadget CoverYes 50YesYesYes23
Protect Your BubbleYes50NoYesYes10
AppleCare+No£25 (Screen only), all other accidental damage £79NoNoNo7
VodafoneYes 79NoNoNo30

phone insurance for lost phones


When it comes to losing your phone, various insurers offer different ways to compensate: standard contents and home insurance usually only replace your phone if it was lost in a home burglary or a house fire. Bank insurance can be handy if you wish to rely on one insurer for many areas, but often comes with an increased excess when making a loss claim- £100 per claim for an iPhone compared to £50-75 from a pure play provider. Mobile network providers do not often cover any unauthorised calls, texts or usage on a lost or stolen device. When purchasing insurance from a pure play provider, loss cover can usually be purchased in one of the more premium packages, so you can always trust that your phone will be replaced in a timely manner. With loveit coverit, loss cover is included in our standard policy. We’ll send a replacement device out to you as soon as possible, meaning you won’t have to spend weeks without a phone!

phone insurance that covers theft


When your phone gets stolen it can be a real nuisance to get everything sorted out, and receive a replacement handset. Home insurance will cover you as standard if your phone is stolen in a burglary, or damaged by fire, floods, or extreme weather. It does not unfortunately cover your phone if it is stolen walking down the street or out at a bar. To have this covered, you would have to take out additional personal-belongings cover as an extension to your home insurance and therefore at an additional cost. Usually, this is about £15 extra on top of your home insurance, costing more than mobile insurance, which you can purchase for less, directly from a pure play provider.

If you hold mobile phone insurance through your bank, you are usually insured for standard cover, such as damage and breakdown, but not usually for loss and theft. One of the main issues is that mobile insurance through a bank can be considerably more expensive than purchasing directly through a specialist mobile phone insurance company, so this may be a deciding factor for some.

Mobile network providers often offer standard levels of cover, such as loss, theft, damage, breakdown, unauthorised calls and mobile phone accessories. As insurance is usually sold along with the purchase of the phone, networks are likely to charge more. Some network providers do not offer any cover for theft or loss. Through a pure play provider, a replacement device is usually issued with cover for unauthorised calls and messages. As a pure play provider specialises in mobile phone insurance, you will usually receive a more efficient service, with replacements being dealt with quickly and any claims resolved effectively.

Mechanical Breakdown

When your phone suddenly decides to stop working, it can cause inconvenience to your day-to-day life. Home or contents insurance does not normally cover you for your mobile phone breaking down. Mobile insurance through your bank covers you if there is a mechanical fault with your phone. However, there is often a limit on the amount of claims permitted for each account, usually two in a 12-month period. This could be inconvenient if you own a phone with a tendency to break down at any given moment. You could end up paying more to insure your mobile phone than necessary.

To be covered through a mobile network provider, often you need to have already purchased a phone from them, or you cannot purchase their insurance. You cannot receive any of their benefits, including cover for mechanical breakdown, if you purchased your phone through a different network or from another provider. A pure play provider offers a more effective insurance package for any phone if it is no older than 36 months. With a pure play provider, repairs are unlimited, so you can claim at any time within your insurance period.

accessory insurance

Accessory cover

Accessories are often a necessary part of owning a mobile phone and can be a pain to replace if they go missing or get damaged. Home insurance companies often do not cover your phone for any accessories related to your device, which can cause inconvenience if you find yourself spending out on accessories. Mobile insurance through a bank usually includes accessories cover, but has a maximum value limit. Through a mobile network provider, you often cannot make accessory-only claims. It has to be made along with a claim for the loss, theft or damage of your mobile phone. Through a pure play provider, you are sometimes covered for accessory cover as standard, included in the monthly cost to insure your mobile phone, or you can purchase it as an additional cost.


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