Top 10 Romantic Destinations According to TikTok

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Avator By Jonathan Owen
Marketing Manager
Published 19th February 2024
Last modified 27th February 2024
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As part of our Valentine’s Day research around travel, we at loveit coverit decided to dig into TikTok data to reveal the top 10 most romantic destinations for marriage proposals. As travel insurance experts, we wanted to uncover where people are popping the big question while on holiday, here’s our results.

Sweeping in at number one with over 2,400 TikTok posts tagged with proposal hashtags is none other than the city of love itself – Paris, France! (you can read our 10 cool things to do in Paris guide here) From Eiffel Tower selfies to sweet shots on the Pont des Arts bridge, it’s clear couples can’t get enough of getting engaged in this iconic city.

Coming in at a distant second place is the picturesque Greek island of Santorini with 544 proposal posts. With its sun-soaked cliffs and azure waters, Santorini makes for the ultimate postcard-perfect engagement backdrop.

Rounding out the top three is Nashville, Tennessee racking up over 350 TikTok marriage proposal posts. Music City’s southern charm is clearly inspiring many couples to take the plunge.

Other romantic hot spots in the top ten include Sydney, Lake Como, Bali, Vancouver, Tulum, Charleston, and Melbourne – ranging between 135 and 355 proposal posts on TikTok.

Tulum Mexico

“They say ‘when in Paris, do as the Parisians do’ and based on our data, that means getting engaged along with 2,410 other couples we spotted on TikTok!” said one of our travel experts at Loveit Coverit. “Paris really does live up to its reputation as the city of love.”

Total TikTok Posts
Paris, France
Santorini, Greece
Nasville, Tennessee
Sydney, Australia
Lake Como, Italy
Bali, Indonesia
Vancouver, Canada
Tulum, Mexico
Charleston, South Carolina
Melbourne, Australia

So if you’re looking to pop the question in one of the world’s most romantic destinations, it seems you can’t go wrong with these top ten locations according to TikTok. Just don’t forget to pack the ring! And consider getting travel insurance from loveit coverit to cover any unforeseen mishaps on your romantic getaway.