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The importance of technology within any company cannot be understated, with employees using smartphones and tablets to manage emails, take conference calls, connect with other colleagues and enable them to work remotely. Therefore, when something goes wrong with a device, it can have a negative impact on your business.

While most small businesses will have a general insurance plan that covers IT equipment, the excesses are higher than on specialist gadget insurance policies. Business phone insurance policies should be reliable, efficient and flexible, which is why loveit coverit won’t tie you into a lengthy business contract, unlike other providers. If you want to easily add or remove devices to your policy, simply give us a call and our in-house customer care team will take care of it.

Networks will offer add-on products such as device-management tools, bolt-ons for data (shared or individual) and international roaming options, which can be a great way of monitoring usage, controlling devices and spend. Although phone insurance may be offered via the network, this option can be expensive, which is why we'd recommend considering a specialist mobile phone insurance provider.

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10% discount - when you insure more than one gadget


Unlimited claims


In-house customer service team


12-month warranty on replacements

Specialist business phone insurance from loveit coverit

Mobile phones are a crucial part of business. As teams work from different locations, including at home and across international boundaries, the phone has become a vital piece of technology for joining up the workforce. The uses of these devices is endless, from communication via messaging platforms, calls, SMS and video conferences, to sharing data, sending photos and logging information.

Mobile airtime and device costs are incurred by the vast majority of businesses. More often than not, businesses will purchase a contract from a network such as Vodafone, O2, EE and Three, or specialists like OneCom, Fluidone, Welcomm, who bundle the devices with the airtime. However, there are other contract variations offered, such as:

• ‘sim-only’ contracts with the separate purchasing of devices. This allows for greater transparency of actual costs.
• Using a ‘kit fund’ where the business can draw-down over the life of the contract for devices. This brings flexibility to device deployment.
• Possible use of a subsidy by a specialist to reduce the airtime billing by the network. This allows for good service levels from the specialist, alongside competitive pricing on the airtime.

It is always worth understanding the commercial dynamics of these contracts. What is the total contract value when you consider the costs of the devices and the airtime together? Also, it is important to consider whether the spend is fixed or whether there are variable costs that could be controlled better, for example out of bundle spend on data or roaming.

Do explore alternatives to a bundled contract. Remember that if you are paying for a bundled contract, then every month outside of the initial contract term means that you are over-paying for a phone that has already been paid off.

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Why insure your phone with loveit coverit?

Over 30 years providing phone insurance
All claims handled by our in-house team
No minimum phone insurance contract
Our 14-day money back guarantee
Insure more than one device, save 10%
Unlimited phone insurance claims + repairs

Affordable Phone Insurance for Small Businesses

These days, some millennial employees expect a work phone. Whilst this isn’t necessarily a problem, the cost to repair or replace multiple phones a year can be high and detrimental to small businesses. Whether it’s protection against loss, theft or damage, we’ve got an affordable insurance plan with cover that suits you.

If you have employees who work from home or use their work phones out and about, you’ll have peace of mind that if something goes wrong, they won’t be unreachable for long. We’ll take care of the broken or stolen device, so that your business can go on uninterrupted.

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