Level up on Black History

Avator By Jonathan Owen
Marketing Manager
Published 23rd October 2020
Last modified 3rd March 2023
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With Black History Month well underway, many of us are searching for methods to deepen our understanding of black history – as well as ways that we can show our support. To make this search that little bit simpler, we’ve put together our top three tips to kickstart your education and involvement!

Black History Month

A good place to start if you’re looking to learn more about black history in the UK is, of course, the Black History Month platform. This website investigates everything from the civil rights movement straight through to the Windrush generation as well as offering real-time news and opinion pieces.

Most importantly, the platform engages in important conversations – asking us to educate ourselves about black history whilst recognising present-day struggles. If you’re looking to learn about Britain’s black history, this website has all the information you need. If you want to learn more about professional diversity, this website will showcase the details. If you’re searching for interactive learning events to further educate yourself, this website will point you in the right direction.

All in all, the Black History Month organisation is a great all-rounder resource. All it asks in return is that we ‘dig deeper, look closer and think bigger’.


Searching for information to better our own understanding of black history can be a fairly straightforward task, however, finding resources that can help to support young people’s learning is another task entirely. Twinkl is a platform that makes this challenge simple.

Whether you’re a teacher searching for classroom support material or a parent looking to widen your child’s understanding at home, this platform could be the helping hand you’re searching for. With posters, powerpoints and resource packages that explore key events, dates and figures, Twinkl breaks Black History down into bite-sized bits – so that you and your child or class can gain a complete, fully-informed understanding at a manageable pace.

If that weren’t enough, the platform also breaks the information down into the appropriate age categories – making the experience all the more simple for you as a caregiver or teaching professional.

The Black History Facts App

If you’re looking for a resource that can help you learn on the go, the Black History Facts App is a sure fit. The app, as you’d likely expect from the apt title, offers users with pocket-sized facts, quotes and dates to better understand black history – bringing you history from all around the world!

What’s more, if you’re looking to take your learning beyond the app, then it gives you the know-how to do so. Each month users are given a #bookofthemonth recommendation.


Now, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ when it comes to learning in any format so, as you would expect, it’s down to each of us to find and pursue a mode of learning best suits our thinking - whether this is checking out the above resources, engaging in films, music or literature or even instigating important conversations. Whatever you choose, we hope that this article gives you a helpful starting point.

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