Apple’s Potential Shift to USB-C and Rumored Changes in the iPhone Lineup

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Avator By Jonathan Owen
Marketing Manager
Published 12th July 2023
Last modified 24th July 2023
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As technology enthusiasts eagerly await the next iteration of Apple’s flagship smartphones, rumors and speculations about potential design changes and feature enhancements continue to swirl. One of the most significant rumored shifts is Apple’s possible transition from the lightning bolt charger to the more widely adopted USB-C standard. Additionally, reports suggest that the introduction of the Dynamic Island feature may extend beyond the Pro models, offering an enhanced user experience across the entire iPhone lineup. Furthermore, leaked CAD renders indicate a notable alteration in the button layout, with the introduction of a new mute button that could add exciting functionality reminiscent of the Action Button.

USB-C: Embracing Universality and Popularity:

This year could mark a notable moment for Apple as it potentially bids farewell to the proprietary lightning bolt charger and embraces the widely used USB-C standard. By adopting USB-C, Apple would align itself with the industry standard, enabling greater convenience and compatibility for users. The shift to USB-C would allow iPhone users to leverage a single charger for multiple devices, streamlining their charging needs and reducing clutter. Furthermore, USB-C offers faster charging speeds and improved data transfer rates, enhancing the overall user experience.

Expanding Dynamic Island to All iPhone Models:

Apple has reserved certain features, such as the Dynamic Island, for its Pro models. However, leaked information suggests that this year’s iPhone lineup may see a departure from this trend. The Dynamic Island feature, known for its customisable shortcuts and dynamic display, could potentially be integrated across all models. This move would democratize the feature, empowering a wider range of users to benefit from its functionality and personalisation options. Whether it’s accessing frequently used apps or controlling smart home devices with ease.


Revamped Button Design and the New Mute Button:

In a departure from earlier expectations, Apple appears to be revisiting a traditional button design for its upcoming iPhones. Recent CAD renders indicate a return to separated volume buttons, abandoning the solid-state buttons that were previously anticipated. However, the most intriguing addition to the button layout is the new mute button, which replaces the existing mute switch. Rumors suggest that this new mute button could offer additional functionality, possibly resembling the Action Button found on the Apple Watch Ultra. While the Pro models are likely to sport this new mute button, the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus models are expected to retain the existing mute switch, differentiating them from their Pro counterparts.

Continuity in Design:

While Apple enthusiasts eagerly anticipate potential changes to the iPhone’s internal features and functionalities, the overall design is rumoured to remain largely unchanged. Apple has established a signature aesthetic over the years, and the upcoming iPhone models are expected to stay true to this heritage. The design will likely maintain the sleek and sophisticated look that has become synonymous with iPhones, ensuring a seamless transition for existing users while still offering incremental improvements and advancements.


As anticipation builds for Apple’s forthcoming iPhone lineup, rumors and leaks hint at exciting changes on the horizon. The possibility of transitioning to USB-C would mark a significant step towards universality and user convenience. Meanwhile, the rumored expansion of the Dynamic Island feature to all models promises to enhance user interactions and customization options. Additionally, the revamped button layout, including the introduction of a new mute button with potential additional functionalities, adds an intriguing twist to the upcoming iPhones. While the overall design may maintain a familiar aesthetic, Apple continues to innovate and refine its flagship smartphones, ensuring that users have an exceptional and seamless experience with each new iteration.