The Top Gadgets on our radar this Mother’s Day

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Avator By Jonathan Owen
Marketing Manager
Published 20th March 2020
Last modified 5th March 2023
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When it comes to buying for our parents, it can be a tedious task, to say the least. And whereas your dad might be content with a multipack of socks, your mum is likely harder to please.

So, wave goodbye to a spa weekends, flowers or framed family pictures and instead look towards items that have the longevity and versatility that she deserves. Here are our top 5 mum-friendly gadgets that you need to get your hands on this Mother’s Day!

1. HP Sprocket

Mother’s day gifts across the country tend to revolve around one core thing; sentimentality. More often than not, we will utilise a cherished memory to give our mum a gift that she can keep with her forever.

As you would expect, photographs play a pivotal role in this and yet physical prints are quickly becoming a thing of the past. This gift rejects that reality. The HP Sprocket allows you to print photos easily from your mobile device in the comfort of your own home. Whilst this maintains the element of sentimentality that we all love, it gives your mum a sense of control in the memories she wants to best remember. In our opinion, it’s a sure success.

2. Wake up alarm clock

No, we’re not joking. This is a gadget we would suggest to anyone and everyone. A light-up alarm clock gradually lightens the room, aiding a peaceful morning routine – very different to the sheer panic an iPhone alarm tone can prompt.

These are distributed by several manufacturers but we favour the Philip’s Wake Up Light Alarm Clock, which is available at a more reasonable price in comparison to other brands. At present, you can get your hands on one for only £84.99 on Amazon!

3. Flower Power by Parrot

If your mum thinks herself as somewhat of a gardener, then this could be the perfect gift!

Parrot has created a device that allows individuals to track their latest project – providing sunlight, moisture and temperature measurements. All of this information is available at the touch of a button with the handy app that comes attached. If that weren’t enough, the application also provides a whole host of tips and tricks to help you on your way.

Overall, this device allows individuals to take further control of their hobby and better their chances for a beautiful bloom!

4. Fitbit Inspire

If your mother has a passion fitness, then opting for a Fitbit device could be a brilliant way to show you support. The Inspire model is currently extremely popular as it inhabits the most impressive features of a Fitbit device but is equally available at an affordable price!

5. Portal by Facebook

This is a gadget that everyone is talking about!

The smart display screen means that your mum is never too far out of reach and allows you both to maintain that personal relationship however far the distance. In the lead up to the special day, Facebook has enlisted the help of an entourage of celebrity mother’s, such as that of; Dwayne Johnson, Snoop Dog and Serena and Venus Williams!

The advertisement alone is enough to tempt anyone, but the technological features have much to shout about also! Each Portal device homes smart camera and smart sound features, offering you an incredible video chat experience. What is most impressive is that the camera follows your movements, joining you whilst you cross the living room or load the dishwasher. What’s more, the device is trained to specifically recognise humans, so your dog running left right and centre won’t distract from your conversation.

A final selling point is that the brand is currently offering the devices at a discounted rate!


Mother’s day is a fantastic opportunity to show our appreciation for all that our mums do, so why not make those everyday tasks easier and more enjoyable through the purchase of some of the leading gadgets at present. As ever, it’s important to research the insurance policies available to ensure that these gifts are never left vulnerable!