4 reasons why you should cover your phone before it’s too late!

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Avator By Jonathan Owen
Marketing Manager
Published 12th July 2015
Last modified 20th June 2023
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iPhone with broken screen

The most common way to damage your mobile phone is by liquid damage, have a chuckle and read some of the stories below.

“When I first started dating my fiancée, he lived about 150 miles from me. He invited me to come to his house for the first time and told me to call his mobile phone when I found the exit so that he could direct me. This seemed sensible as I was not familiar with the area at all. Once I arrived to the agreed point, I called his mobile and he gave me some more instructions and told me to call back once I got there. I got to the second destination, and called him. All of my calls went straight to voicemail. I was on the side of the road, not knowing where I was, and could not get hold of him. I left him some pretty nasty messages (it was my birthday), and I finally decided to turn the car around to go home. Once I got back to the interstate, he called me. It turns out he was taking a quick shower and while trying to answer he knocked the phone  down toilet! He said he was tearing the phone apart, shaking water out of it! Needless to say, I have a funny story to tell my grandkids.”

We do not encourage this; please do not try this at home! We’d recommend a cover instead :)

“I used to sell mobile phones for a living. We had a lady come in one day and purchased a phone as she dropped her old one in a toilet whilst working as a cleaner. We sold her a new phone and next day she was back. I asked her what was up and she replied “I dropped my phone in the toilet again.” She didn’t have any warranty cover but I thought I would see what I could do for her. As she explained the incident, the lady said: ‘Well the phone worked for a bit whilst it was drying, but I got bored of waiting. So, I decided to put it in the microwave. But don’t worry, I took the battery out beforehand.’  I’m trying to keep a straight face at this point, and I replied: ‘I don’t think that was a very good thing to do.’ She looked at me very seriously and replied ‘but it dries out my socks?’.”

Splaaaash! Oooops…

“I was once in a restaurant to use the toilet facilities. I got into the cubicle and began removing my jacket, when suddenly my phone slid out of my jacket pocket.. It hit the toilet rim and slid around a little  and came to a stop on the seat. Filled with relief I went to grab it, hit the lid accidentally and then heard the fateful splashing sound. I have NEVER lost my sim card in the 10 years I have owned it. So, without thinking, I plunged my hand in after it. At this point I thanked my habit of flushing the toilet instantly as I walk in to any public toilet. Still, I washed my hands many, many times after. My phone was only half broken, but I bought a new one anyway as I would never  feel happy putting it to my mouth or ear again.”

Hungry sheep staying chic…

“I had my bag with my phone in it robbed from a pub in Galway city centre. Two days later I had a call to my house phone.  A farmer who lived nearly 50 miles away found one of his sheep eating my bag in his field. The phone was the only thing left in it, so he brought it back home to charge it. He found  the home number in it and rang me. It goes to show that some people are kind! Too bad the bag cost me more than the phone :(.”