How To Get Rid of iPhone Default Apps

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Avator By Jonathan Owen
Marketing Manager
Published 25th January 2016
Last modified 20th June 2023
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iPhone showing apps on the screen

Anyone who has ever owned an iPhone will know how frustrating it is that it’s seemingly impossible to get rid of the default apps. As well as using up some of your precious storage, they clog up your home screen and are often irrelevant to your needs. Compass anyone? If we wanted it, we’d download it.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, has indicated that there may be a more relaxed approach to some pre-installed apps in the near future, but until then, there are some ways around this that don’t include jailbreaking your iPhone.

Select your unwanted apps and put them in a folder. You can create a folder by dragging one app on top of another.
Open the folder and hold down an app you want to get rid of until you see it shake.
Within the folder you have created, drag the app over to the next page and then onto the page after that. You should see 3 dots at the bottom of the folder to signal which page you’re on.
Finally, tap on the home button, taking care not to let go of the app. It should disappear to the top left of the screen.


Should you have a change of heart and realise you do need to use any of the apps, you’ll still be able to access them through iPhone’s in-built search.