iPhone 15 Rumoured Features: Is It the Future We’re Waiting For?

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Avator By Jonathan Owen
Marketing Manager
Published 1st September 2023
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The iPhone rumour mill has been working in overdrive, dropping hints like breadcrumbs about Apple’s latest flagship, the iPhone 15. If the leaks are to be trusted, we’re on the cusp of an evolutionary leap rather than a mere incremental improvement. But how do these whispers stack up? Are they worth the hype and your hard-earned cash? Let’s delve into it.

Models and Sizes

In a move reminiscent of a well-crafted seasonal menu, Apple is said to be serving us four iPhone 15 models—two standard and two high-end. It’s akin to choosing between a regular cup of joe and a deluxe cappuccino with a hint of caramel. So, what’s your choice? The 6.1-inch iPhone 15, the grander 6.7-inch iPhone 15 Plus, or the even more luxurious iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max?


Gone is the often-criticised notch, replaced by the sleeker pill-and-hole cutout, carried over from the iPhone 14 Pro. Think of this as upgrading from a vintage car with manual windows to one with a smooth, automatic system. All models are also rumoured to feature a USB-C port, a significant design shift that brings the iPhone in line with broader industry standards. However, the absence of ProMotion or always-on display technology in standard models might be a slight letdown.
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iPhone 15 Pro Exclusive Design

Hold your horses if you’re eyeing the Pro models. With thinner, more curved bezels, a titanium frame, and an ‘Action’ button, these models are like the VIP section of a high-end nightclub—exclusive and fancy. The frosted glass backs? That’s just the cherry on top.

Compatibility and Case Fit

Remember to say a gentle goodbye to your iPhone 14 cases. The new design features small but significant dimensional changes, making old cases redundant. On the bright side, Apple is rumoured to be launching “FineWoven,” a new line of leather cases. Isn’t it exciting to buy an entirely new wardrobe for your phone?

Camera Updates

Imagine capturing the soft glow of twilight or the sparkle in a loved one’s eyes even more vividly. The new 48-megapixel camera promises improved low-light performance, and some models may even house Sony’s advanced image sensors. Will this make amateur photographers ditch their DSLRs?

Periscope Lens Technology (iPhone 15 Pro Max)

Think of the periscope lens as your personal telescope. It’s rumoured to offer up to 10x optical zoom, allowing you to capture distant subjects as though they’re right in front of you. Is this a game-changer for mobile photography?

USB-C and Charging

With charging speeds of up to 35W and support for MagSafe and the new Qi2 standard for faster wireless charging, this iPhone might just be your reliable sidekick in the hustle and bustle of life.

RAM, Chips, and More

Equipped with a range of chips from Qualcomm’s 5G modems to next-gen Ultra Wideband chips, the iPhone 15 is like a well-stocked toolbox—ready for any challenge. The Pro models will feature an A-series chip built on a 3-nanometer node, promising higher performance and better energy efficiency.
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Repairability and Pricing

Easier repair options? Lower repair fees? That’s akin to discovering an unexpected warranty on a high-end purchase—a relief and a delight. However, the Pro models may come with a slightly inflated price tag.

Release Date and Availability

Mark your calendars for September 12 for the grand unveiling, with preorders beginning on September 15 and the launch on September 22.

Key Takeaways

  1. Choice of Models: From standard to Pro, there’s something for everyone.
  2. Design Enhancements: From pill-and-hole cutouts to USB-C ports, the iPhone 15 aims to be on the cutting edge.
  3. Exclusive Features for Pro: Extra design touches and advanced technology make the Pro models stand out.
  4. Camera Updates: Improved low-light performance and periscope technology could redefine mobile photography.
  5. Repairability: Easier repairs promise lower costs in the long run.

If these rumours hold true, the iPhone 15 range seems like a well-prepared dish, offering various flavours to satiate different tech palates. But as with any unofficial information, it’s good to take these details with a pinch of salt. What’s clear is that the iPhone 15 has the potential to be more than just another update; it could well be a technological marvel worth waiting for. Would you agree?