Sizing up the New Samsung Galaxy S7: Rumours, Reports & Release Dates

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Avator By Jonathan Owen
Marketing Manager
Published 10th March 2016
Last modified 20th June 2023
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February might usually be associated with pancakes, but as us mere mortals crack open the eggs and grease our pans, those at Samsung are busy preparing for MWC 2016. And with it, we assume, the unveiling of the new Samsung Galaxy S7. It’s become a tradition to use the annual event to showcase the latest model, with a release date following shortly after, and this year looks set to be no different.

Held in Barcelona, February 22nd-25th, the biggest rumours to hit the mill are regarding the camera. One of the most popular features of the Galaxy S6 was the camera. It really did take great photos, so it’s not surprising that the company’s apparent decision to move from 16 megapixels to 12 has attracted some attention. However, it’s important to remember that that’s all they are at the moment- rumours. It’s also worth noting that the world’s most popular camera, the iPhone, also has 12 megapixels and that seems to be working out fine for Apple.

Plus it’s not just the number of megapixels that count. Far from it. The suggestion therefore, that Samsung could be set to mimic the Live Photos feature for the iPhone 6S, should be of comfort to those concerned that Samsung isn’t prioritising the camera in its latest model. It has even been hinted that the new feature will not include sound clips, making it easier to upload to social media.

It’s not the only feature that appears to have taken inspiration from the latest iPhones either, with claims suggesting that the standout feature from the S6 and the S6 Plus, 3D Touch, is very similar to a new technology featured in the Galaxy S7. It is believed that a company called Synaptics is behind the technology called ClearForce, which like 3D Touch, allows for different functionality based on the pressure of your touch. Excitingly, it could be making its debut on this very phone.

When it comes to the look and feel of the phone though, changes are expected to be fairly minimal. The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge were quite an overhaul from previous models, so it is likely that we’ll only see a few tweaks. There are suggestions however, that it could feature a new magnesium based alloy. One that will help improve strength, whilst keeping the phone as light as possible. It could also help to release heat when the processor is working particularly hard.

There have also been reports in the last few days that there may be two different size screens available – 5.2 inch and 5.8 inch.

We’re looking forward to seeing how accurate these rumours are over the next few months!