10 cool things to do in Benidorm

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Published 6th June 2022
Last modified 8th August 2023
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Benidorm cool things to do

10 cool things to do in Benidorm

Looking for cool things to do in Benidorm? Although Benidorm is known for its lively nightlife and high-rise hotels, our travel insurance team has put together a cool list of things to do during your trip to Benidorm.

Who said you can’t still enjoy the countryside in Benidorm? Take a jeep Safari tour off the beaten track

Get ready for a spectacular route through mountains and valleys, forgotten villages, deep gorges, idyllic turquoise reservoirs and jungle-like riverbeds. This can be made into a full-day adventure with a 3-course meal at the typical mountain restaurant or you can eat your picnic with breath-taking views.

Forestal Park La Nucia, a family adventure day

Feel the adrenaline through the trees. You will feel like a real adventurer, cross bridges, climb nets and slide down zip lines. A unique adventure recommended for everyone. Hours of fun, releasing adrenaline and surpassing yourself at every step.

Enjoy the view from Plaça del Castell

At the top of the promontory between the two beaches is the small terrace of Plaça del Castell, with its signature checkerboard tiles and white balustrades. A bustling area full of vendors, musicians and checkerboards. If you’re looking for the perfect spot to sit on the patio and enjoy a tall glass of sangria, this is the place for you!

A Night at the Benidorm Palace

No visit to Benidorm is complete without a night out at the world-famous Benidorm Palace. Enjoy dancers, acrobats and magicians from around the world in elegant surroundings at this top class “Vegas” style show. The town has a lively nightlife scene and a vast variety of venues, no matter what type of night you’re looking for. Whether it’s a swanky cocktail bar, a friendly Irish pub, a thumping nightclub, or a cabaret club with live shows, you’ll find it here. Spain is home to some great cabaret shows, and the most famous one in Costa Blanca is located in Benidorm.

No visit to Benidorm is complete without a night at the world-famous Benidorm Palace. See dancers, acrobats and magicians from around the world in elegant surroundings at this premier “Las Vegas” style show. No matter what type of night out you are looking for, the city has a lively nightlife and a variety of venues. Whether it’s chic cocktail bars, friendly Irish pubs, vibrant nightclubs or cabaret clubs with live performances, you’ll find it all here. Spain has some great cabaret shows, the Costa Blanca being the most famous being Benidorm.

Cala Tio Ximo Benidorm

Go swimming by Cala Tio Ximo

Just to the north of the busiest beach in Benidorm is Cala Tio Ximo, a 60m-long (197ft) cove of white sand and see-through waters. Walled in by cliffs beneath the Sierra Gelada viewpoint, it’s a popular spot for snorkelling, as you can see straight down to the sea bed while hovering near the surface. There’s also a nudist section in the middle of the cove. Access is most accessible on foot, either from the Gelada Mirador or from Playa de Levante (both via Calle Dos Calas). North of Benidorm’s busiest beach is Cala Tio Ximo, a 60-meter bay of white sand and crystal clear waters. Surrounded by cliffs below the Sierra Gelada viewpoint, it is a popular spot for snorkelling as you can look directly at the seabed while floating close to the surface. There is also a nude area in the middle of the bay. It is easiest to walk from Gelada Mirador or Playa de Levante (both via Calle Dos Calas).

Calle Santo Domingo

Fill your boots on Tapas Alley

Deep in the old town is a covered alley called Calle Santo Domingo, where you can find some of the best snacks in town. Tapas bars lining the street, it’s hard not to drool when you see the Jamon legs hanging from the ceiling and the locals sipping Spanish wine from the windows. Head here for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or have a drink and a bite to eat at every bar in the alley for a little snack tour of your own!

Terra Mitica Theme Park

Have fun at The Terra Mitica Theme Park

If you’re ready for some serious fun in Benidorm, a day at Terra Mitica theme park is a must. One of the largest theme parks in all of Spain, this is where you can find rides, fried foods, and all the other bells and whistles that come with a day at the amusement park. Terra Mitica is actually a super cool place as it’s split up into various regions that are intended to seem to be old Egypt, early Mediterranean civilizations, old-time Greece, and that’s just the beginning! There’s something for everybody at this park, whether you extravagant wild thrill rides or simply relaxing in the wave pool.

La Cruz De Benidorm

Take in Wild Views from La Cruz de Benidorm

If you want to get out and stretch your legs a little after all the beach lounging, take the 45-minute hike up to La Cruz, Benidorm’s large wooden cross sitting atop a stunning lookout point. From the top, you can look out over the entire city, the many beaches and the expansive sea, making it one of the best lookout points in the entire area.


Get Up Close And Personal With Animals

Families with kids and animal lovers will enjoy a day out at one of Benidorm’s two animal attractions — Terra Natura and Mundomar. Mundomar focuses on marine life and exotic birds, and provides entertainment such as dolphin, sea lion, and parrot shows, as well as a giant aquarium. Terra Natura, on the other hand, offers a more natural safari-like experience with no visible barriers or cages.


Explore what lies beneath the waves

Investigate what lies underneath the waves by diving at La cueva de la virgen. For those who are more experienced in the water, diving is also possible in Benidorm. Under the ocean here you’ll track down brilliant sand and endlessly bunches of Posidonia kelp.
You can visit “La cueva de la virgen” (The Virgin’s Cave), see large octopi and moray eels, and observe the wonderful brightly coloured nudibranch.
These are multicoloured molluscs that have shed their shells!

Some other ideas that didn’t quite make the top 10…

  • Indulge in a Winery Tour and Cooking Class
  • Visit the Hotel where the Benidorm TV show was filmed
  • Explore the mountains of Sierra Helada by Electric bike
  • Discover the promenade by Segway
  • Watch the sunset from Balcon del Mediterraneo
  • Explore Benidorm’s Old Town
  • Find Treasures at Benidorm Flea market
  • Soar above the sea in a Parasail
  • Climb to the Top of Tossal de la Cala
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