5 cool things to do in Nice

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Published 1st April 2022
Last modified 8th August 2023
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5 cool things to do in Nice

Our travel insurance team have trawled the internet so you don’t have to for the top five things to do in Nice, as well as a rough guide to the best places to eat and stay while you’re there.

Get on the rocks at Coco Beach

Coco beach is one of the lesser-known beaches by the tourists (so keep it to yourself!), as with most beaches in Nice it’s less of a beach and more a collection of flat rocks and boulders but it’s also relatively quiet and secluded. The water is an amazing clear blue, and you won’t find the usual touristy cafés and sellers so take a snack and drinks with you.

Have a Nice Carnival

Over a million people descend on Nice for the Nice Carnival, taking place in late February annually it’s one of the biggest Mardi Gras carnivals in the world. It takes place on the Promedade des Anglais and is made up of some amazing floats, fancy dress, dancing and a battle of flowers that sets the carnival apart from others around the world.

Lose your head at La Tête Carrée

If you’re a fan of art, culture and the odd sculpture then La Tête Carrée is a must to visit. It’s a library but it’s way more than that having been designed by Yves Bayard and Francis Chapus as part of a competition for the development in the Promenade des Arts. The building itself is over 30m high, and houses 7 floors, and is a twist on thinking outside the box with a square head resting on stone shoulders.

Shapko Bar

If you love live music and Jazz then Shapko bar in the old part of town is worth checking out, music kicks off later in the evening at around 10pm (please double check their timetable for specific timings). The bar is very popular and can get very busy, so as long as you don’t mind that you’ll have a great time.

Get a French Taco

Popular around France but perfected in Nice the French Taco is something you haver to try, it’s also known as matelas (which is French for mattress) and is made up of a grilled tortilla and can have various fillings but the majority include cheese, meat and French fries (or just fries as they’re known in France!).

Somewhere cool to eat in Nice

The homely options:
Resto La Route Du Miam
L’Epicerie Georges

The Michelin star options:
Restaurant Jan
The Chantecler

The alternative options:
Cumin & Cannelle
La Veranda

Stay in a castle:
Five Stars Holiday House

Stay somewhere exceptional:
The Exceptional

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