Is travel insurance worth it?

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Avator By Jonathan Owen
Marketing Manager
Published 8th December 2021
Last modified 14th October 2022
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Is travel insurance worth it?

It’s a question we’re very familiar with, and an easy one to answer… yes! Of course, there’s far more to it, so let’s break it down without the jargon.

Fundamentally, for the security it provides travel insurance is cheap and can literally save you thousands of pounds should something go wrong, it can also ease the headache of logistics and contacting the correct people if you do find yourself in trouble abroad. Speaking to friends and colleagues in the office there’s a mix of opinions when it comes to getting travel insurance, some haven’t bothered in the past, some have always ensured they have cover, some have been caught out with the wrong type of cover.

Let’s talk about each case. First up, going on holiday without travel insurance. There’s a couple of reasons someone might choose to do this. initially because it feels too complicated, and to the uninitiated we can see why. But travel insurers like us are here to help and are legally obliged to spell things out in language that is easy to understand, our customer service team are very friendly and can guide you through the online process and explain the cover levels so you can decide the best type of travel insurance cover for your trip. Also, it’s the additional cost having already paid out for flights, hotels, new sunglasses etc! The reality is you’re looking at between £5-£10 for travel insurance in Europe, and £10-£20 for travel insurance Worldwide (based on the average from getting multiple quotes from ten different companies). In my opinion for peace of mind it’s a no brainer!

Secondly, always having cover. Maybe you’ve got an annual travel insurance policy that renews or an insurance company you go to whenever you’re heading overseas. That’s great news and gives an ongoing sense of security. But as with all services (everything from mobile phone service providers to the company that supplies you with electricity) it’s a good idea to shop around now and then and confirm you’re not only getting the best deal but also the right type of insurance for the particular trip you’re taking.

Third up, having the wrong type of cover. This is something you may not find out without speaking to an advisor, or worse case you find out when you go to make a claim and can’t. There’s nothing worse than paying out for something that doesn’t do the job you needed it to, especially if you’re in a foreign country with a broken leg! So how do you know you have the right cover? Before you travel either speak to an advisor at the travel insurance company you have chosen, or if you have ongoing yearly travel insurance cover then check with your travel insurance company prior to leaving for your holiday.

What can travel insurance cover?

  • 24/7 assistance
  • Medical costs
  • Missed flights, cancellations, and delays
  • Cancellations of a pre-booked holiday
  • A flight home if it’s medically required
  • Loss or damage of baggage and personal items

In conclusion

Travel insurance is an additional cost, but a valuable one that costs less than a pair of Speedos. So, I for one will be sure to get cover and make sure I have the right cover from here on out, and I’d highly recommend you do too!