Why you shouldn’t take your kids on holiday

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Avator By Jonathan Owen
Marketing Manager
Published 14th January 2022
Last modified 20th June 2023
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Why you shouldn’t take your kids on holiday

We all wish we could really escape sometimes, and none more so than parents with demanding children in tow looking for a relaxed day by the pool and a solid night’s sleep. But how can we justify such a claim? Stay with us and you’ll find out exactly why you should leave the kids behind when you jet off to the sun on your next holiday (and not feel guilty in the least!).

It all starts in the lead up to the holiday, why is it you want to go? Guaranteed it’s because you need a break, but a break from what? The stresses and strains of life. So why would your children need to go? Do they need a break or are they happy enough hanging out with friends or with their face buried in their phone. I’d guess probably the latter option. So, then it comes to booking the holiday, you can only go during the school holiday due to the kids, which then means not only do your flights and hotels cost a fortune but so do theirs and when you arrive at your destination, you’re then surrounded by everyone else’s kids too. It’s not just the costs of the trip itself either, you’ve got holiday outfits, travel insurance, sun cream, and of course the fun of packing and family car hire. On the flip side, if you are lucky enough to know a family member or friend that would love to spend a week with your beloved children, then you can jet off during term time and really get some peace and quiet and save an absolute fortune that you could spend on a flight and hotel upgrade. As an added bonus the lucky baby-sitter only has to deal with the kids in the evening and the school takes care of the daytime.

So, the financial and logistical benefits are obvious but are there any other pro’s to having some time away from the kids? Plenty! They’ll bond with the friend/family member you’ve left them with which could give them invaluable time with a potential role model they may not have had otherwise, alternatively they’ll just be so glad to have you back and might just value your parenting style that much more (for at least a few days anyway). Then there’s your mindset and your relationship with your child, you’ve been away and relaxed, refreshed, and regrouped. Talked through things you’ve been putting off with your partner and generally feeling yourself again. It’s a recipe for a refreshed and invigorated relationship with your children, and a renewed outlook on things haven given yourself some space to breathe and think for a fresh perspective. Let’s face it the more stressed we are the more opportunity most of us will take for a little escape from parenting, even if it’s putting the TV in place as babysitter, putting the kids to bed early to get yourself another 15 minutes peace before bed, or handing over your iPad as a distraction technique. When you add it all up as a short-term stress relief, you could probably validate a holiday on that basis alone.

Cash in the bank, a new you, a refreshed family relationship, and still not convinced? Here’s some scary statistics!

Within five years after the birth of a first child, over 40 percent percent of couples will go their separate ways.

– Sean Grover LCSW


Some studies report marriages failing within 18 months after the first child is born.

– Cowan & Cowan


Approximately two-thirds of couples see the quality of their relationship plummet within three years of the birth of a child—with mother’s’ dissatisfaction leading the way, and more women filing for divorce than men

– Divorcemag.com