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iPad insurance

Comprehensive insurance for all iPad models at great prices, with award winning in-house customer care.

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iPad insurance

Comprehensive insurance for all iPad models at great prices, with award winning in-house customer care.

Last modified: 11th August 2023
Author: Jonathan Owen
Last modified: 11th August 2023

Author: Jonathan Owen

Do you need iPad insurance?

iPad are among the most expensive tablet models on the market, but also the most popular. Thanks to their gorgeous design and clean operating system, Apple iPad are highly sought-after tablets.

However, imagine if something happened to your £1000+ tablet– would you be able to pay for a replacement or repairs right away? It isn’t easy to find that much money at short notice…

Apple iPad insurance gives you the chance to pay a small monthly or annual premium so that if anything happens to your device, the insurer will repair it or replace it. This will be taken care of within days and with nothing except the excess to pay (usually from £30 – £175, depending on the tablet).

This gives you a more affordable way to get your precious iPad back in working order after a mishap and handle the mounting cost of repairing or replacing your Apple tablet. You can get iPad Pro insurance, iPad Air… in fact, almost any model of iPad can be insured by loveit coverit. Find a list of the popular tablet insured with us below.

iPad insurance explained

Insurance might seem like something really difficult to understand without a little explanation. We know that you’ll want to know what you are covered for with iPad insurance before getting a policy. So, this section will tell you about each thing that’s covered so you know what you're protected against.
Accidental Damage
Our comprehensive cover will repair or replace your iPad if you accidentally damage it.
Liquid Damage
If you accidentally wash your tablet with your laundry or drop it in the toilet, we will repair or replace it.
Cracked Screen
If you've dropped your tablet and cracked the screen, don't worry, we will get it repaired.
We’ll replace your device with a like-for-like model if you happened to lose your device. Lose an iPad Pro? You’ll get an iPad Pro.
If someone has taken your iPad away from you, we will send a replacement device to you.
Accessory Cover
If you had any accessories attached to your phone while it was damaged, stolen or lost, we will replace them.
Mechanical Breakdown
If an electrical or mechanical fault occurs, we will repair or replace your iPad.
Airtime Abuse
Our iPad insurance covers the cost of unauthorised calls made following the theft of your phone.
Worldwide Cover
If something happens to your phone while you're abroad, we will take care of it.

What is iPad Insurance?

iPad insurance is a type of tablet insurance designed specifically with iPads in mind. All the coverage that is included takes into account the requirements of Apple products and services. This way, if something happens to your tablet, you can be sure that our insurance will cover it.

Why insure your iPad with loveit coverit?

Over 30 years providing gadget insurance

We’ve been in the insurance industry since mobile phones were the size of bricks, so you can trust your iPad in the hands of an experienced company. We cover all brands from the Apple’s Ipad to the Microsoft XBox.

All claims handled by our in-house team

We’re always happy to help and we’re proud to offer an end-to-end mobile insurance service. All repairs and replacements are issued from our own technicians and supported by our friendly, UK-based customer care team.

No minimum gadget insurance contract

We won’t tie you down with a 12 or 18-month contract unlike other insurance providers. With loveit coverit’s rolling contracts your policy is flexible and can be cancelled at any time, subject to terms and conditions.

Our 14-day money back guarantee

Provided you haven’t made a claim on your policy, you’ll receive a full refund if you cancel your iPad insurance policy within 14 days of the policy start date with the loveit coverit 14-day money back guarantee.

Unlimited gadget insurance claims + repairs

Many of our competitors only allow one or two claims each year. With loveit coverit, there’s no limit on the number of gadget insurance claims you can make, regardless of whether it’s a claim for accidental damage, theft, or loss.

Insure more than once device, save 10%

More gadgets? More savings! Insure multiple devices with loveit coverit and get 10% off. Including phones, tablets, watches, laptops, headphones, cameras, and games consoles, just add more than one device at checkout.

How much does iPad insurance cost?

The price of Apple iPad insurance depends on which model you own. Usually, you’ll find that the higher the retail price, the higher the cost of cover.

More recent models can cost more to insure as they have a higher market value and are in higher demand.

However, you can get the best iPad insurance price possible by completing a personalised quote for your model.

Find out the price

10% discount - when you insure more than one device

How often will you need to pay for your iPad insurance?

This depends on which type of insurance policy you have chosen – monthly or annual. We like to give our customers the option so you can pick whichever you prefer.
If you’ve chosen a monthly policy, you will have to pay once a month on a date most convenient for you. You could time your payment with your payday so you know when your expenses will leave your account. If you’ve chosen an annual policy, you will have to pay once a year. This can be ideal if you simply want to pay for 12 months of cover up front. That way, you know your insurance is sorted for the whole year!

Please note, we don’t take any payments in the first 14 days after the policy start date, therefore your first two payments might be taken in the same month (if you’ve chosen a monthly policy). Don’t worry if this happens. After the first month, you will only have to pay once a month.

Excess on iPad insurance

If you have to make a claim, you will have to pay an excess. The excess is a small amount of the initial cost for repairs or a replacement, then we take care of the rest.

Excess usually depends on your iPad models and claim type. Higher-priced devices and loss or theft claims have a higher excess, while cheaper tablets and accidental damage claims have lower excess.

You can take a look at our policy excess table to find out exactly what you’d need to pay in each situation.

How does the age of your tablet affect the cost of iPad insurance?

Usually, the older the iPad gets, the cheaper it becomes to insure. This is usually because demand for them drops as newer models are released.
We always check the changes in the selling prices of iPad so that we can offer the most competitive price for you.
However, it is important to remember that we can only insure tablets up to 36 months old.

Common exclusions with loveit coverit iPad insurance

When looking to get your tablet insured, there are a few things that may prevent you from getting an iPad insurance policy. This is mainly due to the condition the iPad is already in or where it was purchased from.

The most common insurance exclusions are:

We can’t insure your iPad if it is already damaged
We can’t insure your tablet if it is more than thirty six months old
We can’t insure your tablet if it is not purchased from UK VAT registered company
We can’t insure your tablet if you’re not a resident of the UK
We can’t insure your tablet if it is grade B or C refurbished
We can’t accept your claim if you have not paid for your iPad insurance

You can check the full list of exclusions to make sure your tablet can be insured.

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Your phone will either be brand new or refurbished as new – you won’t be able to recognise the difference though. It will also have a warranty.