Family Cover

These days, the modern household is buzzing with technology, with most homes containing a number of different gadgets. In 2018, it is reported that nearly 40% of households have two or more mobile phones. In one quick and easy online process, you can insure up 10 different gadgets.

At loveit coverit, we want to help protect your family’s devices in the most cost-effective way. So if you are worried about your children dropping, losing or drowning their phones, we can put your mind at ease with our affordable family phone insurance. Our policies have unlimited claims, so don’t panic if someone cracks the tablet screen and someone else loses their phone, we’ll still cover you.

10% discount - when you insure more than one gadget


Unlimited claims


In-house customer service team


12-month warranty on replacements

Gadget cover for the whole family

With the summer holidays around the corner, your kids will no doubt be out and about more often. You’ll want to ensure you’re able to contact them at any given time, so it’s highly advisable to protect their phones in case they damage or lose it while they’re out. Knowing you can contact your children if you need to will give you peace of mind and give you one less thing to worry about!

Why choose loveitcoverit

Providing gadget insurance for almost 30 years
No minimum contracts
Unlimited Worldwide Cover
1 month free on all annual policies
£10,000 Unauthorised Usage Cover
All claims handled in-house

Best Family Phone Insurance

Holidays are notorious for causing accidental damage to devices. If you've bought your child a brand new phone for Christmas, the last thing you'll want is it getting lost or damaged. Our affordable premiums make it easy for you to protect your children's gadgets, in order to avoid hefty repair or replacement charges.
Our insurance includes worldwide cover so we’ll cover you if you drop your phone by the pool (or worse, in the pool) or your kid buries it in the sand causing it to not function properly! If you’re planning to go away on holiday in the next few months and you love your phone or tablet, make sure they’re protected. See our top tips on protecting your phone while on holiday.

Don’t forget we offer 10% off when you insure more than one device, so if you want to insure your whole family’s gadgets, whether it’s the family tablet or your children’s mobile phones, you can do it without breaking the bank!

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