The Dos and Don’ts of Digital Dating

Avator By Jonathan Owen
Marketing Manager
Published 11th February 2020
Last modified 3rd March 2023
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dos and don'ts of digital dating

For some, Valentine’s Day is a beautiful celebration of an incredible relationship – filled with cards, chocolates, flowers and perhaps even a declaration of everlasting love – but for many, it’s just an ordinary day that reminds us of all previous dating disasters. And, trust us, there have been a lot.

In fact, research suggests that a large proportion of the British public has become disillusioned with Valentine’s Day entirely, with 21% opting to give the celebrations a miss. But that’s not the only thing that’s changed with our relationship with romance!

Now, your favourite romantic comedy will have you convinced that you’ll soon meet that special someone by complete chance. Perhaps in a little book shop. Or a café. Maybe a bar. But, unfortunately, we can’t all be Julia Roberts – disappointing, we know.

Nevertheless, with 1 in 5 romantic relationships beginning online, it’s time to embrace the ways of the modern world and try your luck at digital dating. To give you a helping hand, we’ve put together a brief list of the absolute dos and don’ts when setting up your profile this Valentine’s Day!


Select that perfect picture

When it comes to choosing that perfect profile picture there are a few guidelines that you would do well to consider – because, shockingly, we’re all rather picky.

1. No group shots.

When your potential date is swiping or scrolling through their dating app they are looking to see what you look like, not your friends.

2. Make sure your pictures are up to date!

We’re sure that you looked incredible on your twentieth birthday, but if you’re now twenty-six with a completely fresh look then we’d rather see that. Save the throwback photos for a later date!

3. Cut the travel snaps.

Now, we’re not saying you can’t upload one or two of your favourite travel moments – but we don’t need to know about every country you’ve ever visited. Instead, use these as conversation topics!

4. Axe the ex.

If all things go to plan, you can one day tell your new partner about your ex. Your dating profile, however, is neither the time nor place to introduce the two.

5. Less is more!

No, we’re not talking about your outfit – we’re talking about your room.

If you’re uploading a photo to try and convince someone that you’re the perfect person for a mature relationship, then a messy room in the background is not going to cut it.


Build a boring bio

Writing a bio for your profile is never fun, everyone knows this, but this is no excuse to throw any old words together and hope for the best.

While your bio can make or break your profile, it can also be a fantastic way to prompt that awkward initial conversation!

Is there something you’d immediately like to know about the person, why not ask it? If you have a peculiar fact about yourself, say it. If you’re desperate to attend a particular event or see a newly released film, then suggest it!


Consider location

Mostly every dating app will allow you to filter your results according to the distance you would be willing to travel.

It’s important to consider this whilst you’re looking – because it doesn’t matter how gorgeous they are if they live hundreds of miles away!


Look on the wrong app

There are a ton of apps out there to help you with your search for love. Tinder. Hinge. Bumble. Matchd. Happn. eHarmony. Among many, many more. But rather than charging full steam ahead and signing up to each of these, take your time and choose the one that meets your requirements.

If you’re ready to meet the ‘one’ – or maybe someone who can fill a long-term gap – and want to really get an understanding of what a person is like from their profile alone, then look towards Hinge. This app allows users to present a more holistic impression of the person they are talking to, with questions leading as prompts for conversation.

Wanting to find people that you directly pass in everyday life? Maybe the one you shared awkward eye contact with on the bus? Or the one who held open the door at Starbucks? Then Happn might be the perfect place for you. Happn presents you with individuals that are within a 1km radius of you so that you never miss out on an opportunity.

Dating can become a monotonous task and sometimes shaking things up can be exactly what’s needed. Bumble does exactly that. The app encourages the ladies to take charge and gives them twenty-four hours to send the first message after matching. This is a fantastic platform for any of you that have become tired of other out-dated formalities.


Say something interesting

You only get one chance to properly introduce yourself and that, inconveniently, is all down to you. We can’t tell you why you’re a fantastic person that deserves the time of day.

However, we can tell you that sending some heart eyes emojis is not the way to convince them.

With these tips under your belt, there is no reason that you shouldn’t become part of the 79% of the country that loves Valentine’s Day!