Apple Macbook Air 2 Review

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Avator By Jonathan Owen
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Published 3rd October 2022
Last modified 3rd April 2023
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Apple Macbook Air 2

The MacBook Air M2 is a significant improvement over the M1, surpassing its predecessor in terms of a truly premium feel, look, and user experience. With this MacBook, Apple has transformatively combined a light chassis with a lightning-fast M2 chip. This 2.7-pound (yup, you read that right) weighing laptop truly deserves the name ‘air’. From its portability to performance to overall quality, the MacBook Air M2 is a dream come true for Apple fanatics!

So, if you’re planning to invest your hard-earned money into this laptop, hold your horses and read our complete review below to find out if the MacBook Air M2 is truly worth your time and money!

Design and Build

Did you think that the MacBook Air M2 was an iPad the first time you looked at it? If yes, then you’re not alone! This MacBook is so slim and light that it could fool even the most seasoned tech eyes. It measures a mere 0.44 inches thick with its lid open and is approximately 20% lighter than its predecessor.

It sports a 13.6-inch display screen with a notch at its bottom that breaks the design a bit. The laptop weighs just 2.7 pounds and has an aluminum chassis, which means that it’s both durable and light as air. It has rounded corners that make it easy for you to hold the laptop with its edges. Another design point to note down is that compared to the prior MacBook models, the Apple logo on the MacBook Air M2 is 30% larger. The model is currently available in four colors – Starlight (Pale Gold), silver, space gray, and Midnight (Dark Blue).

Keyboard and Trackpad

The keyboard of the MacBook Air M2 is somewhat similar to the keyboard offered by the MacBook Pro. It features a full-height functioning row along with Touch ID. The keyboard keys have appropriate travel and they are spaced adequately. You’d be happy to hear that the keys are also quieter than the older MacBook models. The keyboard on this laptop isn’t very different from the older models. It is just slightly more expansive but the functionality remains the same.

The same goes for the trackpad in that it isn’t too different from the older models. It supports scrolling, gestures, and palm rejection and is slightly wider. A new feature of this MacBook Air M2 is that the speakers are integrated and positioned between the display and the keyboard for a sleek and clean look.


Screen and speakers

As stated in the above section, the MacBook Air M2 differentiates itself from the other models with the lack of a designated speaker grill. Therefore, the speakers for the laptop are positioned between the keyboard and the display. The speaker system of the MacBook Air M2 consists of two woofers, two tweeters, and support for Spatial Audio Technology. Compared to the MacBook Air M1, the M2 speakers have toned down on the echo and are slightly fuller.

Overall, the speakers can compete with the ones available on a 16 and 14-inch MacBook Pro. In terms of audio quality, the speakers are much ahead of its other competitor laptops and deliver excellent sound while watching your favorite entertainment channels. Along with the brand-new design of the MacBook Air M2 comes the stunning new 13.6-inch display. It is vertically taller than the previous 13.3-inch M1 model. Comparatively, the latest MacBook Air has rounded screen corners and thinner bezels to provide a modern look to the laptop.


Apple Macbook (6)

Not just this, according to Apple, the screen is also brighter than its predecessor with a maximum brightness of 509 nits. However, a tiny disappointment in terms of screen design, and the display is a notch at the bottom of the screen. Not that the notch looks ugly but it makes dealing with the menu bar a little finicky.



  • Brand
  • Model
MacBook Air M2
  • Release Date
6th June 2022
  • Colours
Midnight, Silver, Space Gray, Starlight Gold
  • Battery Life (up to hours)
18 hours
  • Size
13.6 inches


The Apple MacBook Air M2 costs £1,249.00 for the 256GB model and £1,549.00 for the 512GB model. The latter comes with a two-port 35W type-C charger. This is a fabulous asking price for this fabulous tablet. If you have the money to spare, you should definitely invest in this piece of tech.

Overall, the MacBook Air M2 isn’t a major upgrade over the M1 and if you already have the latter, then you don’t need the MacBook M2. That said, the M2 laptop is the best laptop on the market because of its stellar computing performance, stunning display, and excellent battery life. Furthermore, the MagSafe charging and the sharper webcam are added bonuses. All in all, this is surely a tough device to beat!

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