Is the new iPhone worth upgrading and if so, which iPhone to choose?

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Avator By Jonathan Owen
Marketing Manager
Published 1st November 2019
Last modified 20th June 2023
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iphone 11 upgrade

It’s been more than a month since the newest iPhones have been introduced to the world. Even though they are great devices with some of the latest technology features, people still wonder whether they are worth the upgrade. In this article we will try to answer this question and compare the features of iPhone X and iPhone 11. To be even more specific, we will look at the differences between the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

iPhone X vs iPhone 11

Even though iPhone X entered the market at a quite high price, it proved to be one of the most popular and advanced phones Apple have ever created.

But over two years have passed since the phone was introduced to us and a lot has changed. The iPhone X still seems to work fine, it looks modern and has a good camera, but are the new iPhone 11 features so good that it is worth upgrading?

Significant Camera Upgrades

When looking at both devices, the first thing which catches the eye is the camera setup.

The iPhone X camera is situated in a vertical layout, where the iPhone 11 camera is situated in a glass square on the back of the device. It not only looks different, but the specifications are different as well. The first iPhone 11’s camera is a 12MP wide-lens camera which can take high-quality wide-angle photos and the second is an ultra-wide camera with a 120-degree view. This camera will allow you to include way more of the scene around you in the picture. This is the first time when Apple has introduced an ultra-wide camera.

The front camera has improved significantly as well– the X’s 7MP camera has been replaced with the 11’s 12MP camera. Moreover, the front camera does support 4K video recording and a slow-motion footage. The back cameras, too, have some significant improvements when talking about videos. Apple claim that the iPhone 11 has the highest quality video of any smartphone out there.

The feature which really distinguishes the iPhone 11 from the iPhone X camera-wise is the Night Mode. Where before you couldn’t take good photos with an iPhone when it’s dark, now the new Night Mode allows you to take quite breath-taking pictures even in low light setups.

Verdict – If you love taking photos and videos with your phone, you should definitely upgrade.

Six new colour choices and a bigger screen

iPhone X has only two colour choices – silver and space grey, where the iPhone 11 comes in six colours – black, white, purple, green, yellow and red.

So this means you can use your new iPhone as a stylish accessory, which is always great! The iPhone X has stainless steel edges which are more durable than the aluminium edges of iPhone 11. iPhone X’s display has a better screen to body ratio – 82.9% compared to iPhone 11’s 79% thanks to its OLED display.

The iPhone 11 does feature a bigger 6.1-inch display where the iPhone X has a 5.8-inch display. Here it really depends on your personal preferences- you might like a bigger phone, you might like the smaller one. Many have said that the 6.1-inch display is sort of a ‘sweet spot’ between large and small display sizes.

Verdict – here it is a bit hard to choose between iPhone X and iPhone 11. But if you really want a phone with style and a personality, our suggestion would be the iPhone 11.

Significantly improved battery life, performance and durability

The new iPhone 11 has a significantly improved battery life which lasts all day and even more if you don’t use it excessively.

If compared to its predecessor iPhone XR, it should have an hour longer battery life. This means if you own an iPhone X, you will feel the difference, when upgrading.

The new A13 processor compared to A11 will make you notice the increase in speed, but since the A11 is still a very capable processor, switching to A13 won’t impact day-to-day usage that much.

In terms of durability, the new iPhone 11, same as X, is water and dust resistant. However, the iPhone 11 can endure water up to 2 metres deep, where iPhone X could survive in only 1-metre deep water.

Verdict- if you feel like you’re phone’s battery life is not enough for you, iPhone 11 is a clear choice. You will feel the difference and be able to enjoy this phone for longer without charging.

We do think that upgrading is a wise choice

You're getting better camera quality, stylish design, improved battery life and durability for £729.

That’s a shockingly low price for such an advanced device. Even more so, if you recycle your phone, you can get up to £400 for an iPhone X. That leaves you to pay £329 for one of the most technically advanced phones in the market. And that is just amazing. Of course, insuring your new iPhone 11 is very important, since you do not want to spend eye-watering amount of money just to repair or replace it.

Now that you’ve decided to upgrade, the question is whether to go for the entry level, but still high-spec iPhone 11 or the most advanced smartphone Apple has ever made – the iPhone 11 Pro?


Probably the most important issue is the price of the devices.

Apple did surprise and introduced the entry-level iPhone 11 from only £729, but the iPhone 11 Pro continued the tradition of rising prices for new iPhone devices. The 64GB iPhone 11 Pro starts at £1,049 where the 512GB version costs an eye-watering £1,399.

Three Cameras. Does that make a difference?

Here probably lies the biggest difference between the two phones.

While the iPhone 11 has two cameras, iPhone 11 Pro, for the first time on an Iphone, has three impressive cameras. Next to 11’s wide angle and ultra-wide lens, the Pro version has a 12MP telephoto lens. In terms of quality, both devices perform quite equally. You will notice a difference if you like to take portrait shots – here the 11 Pro’s third telephoto lens helps to keep better focus on subjects.

Verdict – even though, iPhone 11 Pro performs better when taking portrait photos, both devices perform equally well. Considering the price difference, it will probably be wiser to choose the iPhone 11.

Design, Size and Display

Visually iPhone 11 and 11 Pro are pretty different.

iPhone 11, as mentioned before, comes in six trendy colours where the 11 Pro (and Pro Max) come in more traditional Space Gray, Silver, Gold and new Midnight Green. iPhone 11 features aluminium and a glass body where the iPhone 11 Pro’s frame is from stainless steel and the back glass has a matte finish, giving it a more sophisticated look. Since the iPhone 11 Pro comes with a third camera, the back of the phone looks quite different, too.

In regard to the size iPhone 11 Pro is more compact than the iPhone 11. iPhone 11 features a 6.1-inch display where the iPhone 11 Pro features a 5.8-inch display. You can see a real difference between these phones when looking at their displays. While the iPhone 11 features an LCD panel, iPhone 11 Pro has an OLED screen, which makes the display look brighter and the colours more accurate. Even though iPhone 11’s display is still amazing, 11 Pro definitely is a league or two higher.

Verdict- iPhone 11 Pro is the winner here – Sophisticated design, great display quality and fits perfectly in your pocket (which will probably be empty after buying the device).

Battery Life and Performance

Where the iPhone 11 promises one hour longer battery life than its predecessor iPhone XR, iPhone 11 Pro has up to four hours longer battery life than iPhone XS.

If you use your iPhone 11 Pro for sending an occasional message and swiping through your social media accounts, the battery could last up to two days without charging. The fast charger is also included in iPhone 11 Pro’s box which will allow you to charge the device quicker than before. If you choose to go for iPhone 11, you will have to buy the fast charger yourself (basic charger is provided in the box, though).

In terms of performance, both phones are powered by the impressive A13 chip, which allows both devices to run smoothly and fast. The new chip allows the phones to work up to 20% faster and consume 40% less energy. The iPhone 11 proved to work a bit slower than the iPhone 11 Pro, but the difference is not that significant.

Verdict- if you use your phone quite excessively and don’t have access to a charger during the day, iPhone 11 Pro will get you through the day without any problems.


It is quite hard to choose between these two. If you don’t mind spending more, the iPhone 11 Pro will give you better performance, more sophisticated look and a longer battery life. But the iPhone 11 performs great and looks great without the hefty price tag. Whichever phone you choose, don’t forget to insure it to avoid paying crazy amounts for repairs or replacement.