The new iPhone 11 – what can we expect?

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Avator By Jonathan Owen
Marketing Manager
Published 19th August 2019
Last modified 20th June 2023
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It is getting closer and closer to the time when Apple will launch its new phones again. Apple do try to keep the specifications, design and launch date a secret for as long as possible, but, like always, some things do get leaked. We looked at some information available online and created the potential look and spec of the new iPhone.

What will be the new phones’ names?

There are many speculations around the new iPhones’ names.

Some people think that the iPhone will get the ‘Pro’ extension same as the Apple MacBooks. Therefore, the phones could be called iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Plus(yes, there might be three new iPhones). Some sources suggest that the new models will be called iPhone 11, 11R and 11 Max or iPhone 11 Pro Max. We can’t tell you the exact name of the next iPhone because Apple might surprise after all, but unlikely to be the Apple iPhone XI!

When will it be launched?

There isn’t an exact date known yet, but according to T3, it could be the beginning of September.

The most ‘reliable’ leaks say that the keynote event, when the devices are usually presented, could be anytime between 10th and 12th of September. Given that the launch date is usually ten days after the keynote event, the new iPhone could be released on the 20th of September.

How will the iPhone 11 differ from its predecessors?

This year, Apple might introduce the best iPhone camera ever.

Rumour has it that Apple will introduce a triple lens camera in a new large, square module. Another great feature will be the A13 processor. The Apple processors are known as incredibly powerful and ahead of the competition, therefore it will be hard for other phone manufacturers to compete with this.

Besides the camera layout, the design of the new iPhone will be very similar to iPhone XS. The phone will feature an LCD screen and probably a USB-C port. It might also have Apple Pencil support, which is a complete novelty for an Apple iPhone.

Will it support 5G?

According to cnet, 2019’s iPhone will most likely not support 5G.

Apple’s phones use Intel modems, who had plans to introduce 5G modems by the second half of 2019. However, they ran into problems in creating the 5G chip for iPhone. This means that, most likely, the 5G iPhone will be introduced in 2020 only. This probably will not be a big problem for Apple, since only couple of countries currently have 5G service and it will take a while until most of the world will have it.

To conclude

It looks like this year’s iPhone won’t be the big shocker, but, of course, we might be wrong. All we have to do is wait and see.