What was announced in the Apple Event?

Avator By Jonathan Owen
Marketing Manager
Published 15th September 2020
Last modified 14th October 2022
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This has been a different year to others to say the least, but there is one thing that doesn’t change – Apple Events. Every September, no matter what, Apple are showcasing their latest and greatest devices. This year, as expected, the Apple event did not include the new iPhones due to coronavirus related delays, but new Apple Watches and iPads were presented. The new iPhones are set to be presented in October, with no set date yet.

New Gadgets and Apple Services Announced

Apple Watch Series 6

The first gadget presented was the Apple Watch Series 6. The main focus was on the new features of this watch – ability to measure blood oxygen levels and pulse oximetry. These features help to detect respiratory diseases, including possible symptoms of Covid19. The Apple Watch comes in gold, silver and new ProductRed colour. The new display is two times brighter outdoors and features new Watch Faces, including Memojis, which react to your touch. There are also couple of new loops available, with Solo Loop being the most innovative of them all. Without any buckles or overlays it is just one stretchable, environmentally friendly loop, available in 7 colours and multiple styles. The watche’s price starts at £379, which is quite affordable for an Apple Watch so don’t miss out!

Apple Watch SE

There finally is a budget version of the Apple Watch to make it available for even more people! Meet Apple Watch SE! It has the best features of Apple Watch Series 6 and most loved features of the other watches like workout and activity apps so it will be hard to tell the difference. The price is super affordable as well, only £ 269 for a completely new Apple Watch.

Both watches can be pre-ordered now with delivery expected by the end of the month.

Family Setup

There also is a new feature called Family Setup, where you can set up someone else’s Apple Watch using your iPhone (if they don’t have one). This feature is great for setting up your child’s watch as you can set up notifications on their watch (like ‘don’t forget your football training’) and control, to whom they are talking to, if necessary.

Apple Fitness +

Apple also introduced a completely new feature – Apple Fitness+. It is a Fitness app, packed with various workouts lead by world-class fitness coaches. It is also paired with Apple Music so you can train with your favourite tunes playing in the background. To start working out, you have to launch the app on your phone, iPad or Apple TV and it will automatically connect with your Apple Watch and start the workout. You will see your metrics (like heart rate, calories burned, time) not only on your watch but on the phone or TV screen as well. New workouts will be added every week, they can be done from home and cost £9.99 per month. The app can be accessed by everyone in your family for no additional cost.

Apple One

Apple also introduced another feature called Apple One. You can get the main Apple apps for one affordable price. These apps are:

  • iCloud
  • Apple music
  • Apple tv+
  • Apple arcade

The Individual plan costs £14.95 and includes 50GB of iCloud storage and the above mentioned apps.
Family plan costs £19.95 with 200GB storage with above mentioned apps and the Premier plan costs £29.95 and includes Apple News + and Fitness + as well.

iPad 8th Generation 

The New iPad was introduced as well – iPad 8th Generation. With 10.2 Retina Display, 8MP back camera and the A12 Bionic chip which makes the gadget 40% faster, the new iPad is available for only £329! Apple has compared the graphics of this iPad with competitors and have concluded that their graphics are 2 times better than top selling Windows laptop, 3x better than Android tablets and 6 times (!!) better than Chromebook graphics. The new iPad can handle 5 trillion operations per second and recognises handwriting which then can be copied from one app to another! You can buy the iPad 8th Generation now, with delivery as soon as Friday!

iPad Air from £579

The announcements didn’t stop there. A new iPad Air was introduced to us as well. It has been completely redesigned, available in 5 colours, including a new rose gold, sky blue and green. With liquid retina 10.9-inch display and the new super powerful A14 chip, this iPad can handle up to 11 trillion operations per second! The touch-ID has been relocated to the top of the iPad allowing more space for the screen. It features USB-C port, 7MP front and 12MP (same as iPad Pro) back camera, allowing us to take great quality pictures and 4K videos. The Apple Pencil attaches to the iPad magnetically, making sure you will never lose it! The new iPad’s price starts from £579, and it is not yet available for delivery.

Both iPads have been created from recyclable aluminium, are free from harmful substances and the packaging is 100% recycled or coming from responsibly managed forests.

In addition, new iOS update will be launched tomorrow, so prepare your gadgets!


This event featured quite a lot of new Apple devices and services but unfortunately, no new iPhone. We can expect the iPhone announcement to follow in the next few weeks. In the meanwhile, we hope that you will enjoy these devices, but don’t forget to get gadget insurance, in case something happens to them!