Five Apps to Inspire Your Doodles

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Avator By Jonathan Owen
Marketing Manager
Published 25th September 2020
Last modified 14th October 2022
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Whether you’re looking to kickstart your creative side or re-engage with an old passion, it’s fair to say that art and design have taken a turn towards digital. Major platforms such as Google, Windows and Apple offer a range of applications that help you figuratively put pen to paper and create something spectacular.

However, it can be tricky to find the one app you’re looking for when there’s so many available – which is why we’ve noted down some of our favourites to give you a sure place to start!

Adobe Photoshop Sketch

There’s no questioning that Adobe has quickly become a leading provider for all things creative and its Photoshop Sketch app is no different. The service offers an abundance of tools from pencils to acrylics to watercolours and so much more. This allows users to create an image with multiple layers, tones and techniques that can be sent to additional Adobe platforms for further work – such as Photoshop or Illustrator.

If drawing itself isn’t enough, then this app could be just what you’re looking for. You can import your own images or search through Adobe’s image bank to license royalty-free assets!

All in all, if you’re looking for an app that boasts the intricacies of Adobe’s larger platforms but in a smaller, easy-to-use format that Photoshop Sketch provides. 

Astropad Studio

If you’re searching for an app that is perfect for on the go use, then Astropad Studio could be the perfect fit. As the name suggests the app is tailored towards tablets – whether this an Apple, Samsung or Google device – whilst remaining wirelessly connected to your desktop. The clean and customisable format means that you can grasp complete control when it comes to your digital drawings and ensure that the app fits your style rather than vice versa.

So, whether you’re travelling, relaxing on a lunch break or working remotely, this could be the ideal platform.

Affinity Designer

 If you enjoy the Adobe products but don’t love their prices, then the Affinity Designer app could be an appealing alternative. The vector art program is equipped with every tool, resource or feature that you could need – however, this app is only available to those who own an Apple product; whether this is a Macbook or iPad.

For those who can utilise the app, however, it’s sure to delight – with unparalleled zoom functionality to customizable tools and so much more!


If interior design, or any kind of visual planning, is your passion then Concepts is the perfect solution. Within this pocket notebook-turned-app, you’ll be able to annotate digital images, scribble random thoughts or flesh out old ideas allowing a centralised hub for your creativity – both bringing your internal jottings to life whilst establishing an orderly process.

Luckily, this platform is available to users of Google, Apple or Windows devices – meaning you won’t have to miss out!

Paper by WeTransfer

The final application on our list is brought to you by WeTransfer, and it’s safe to say that you won’t want this one to pass you by. Being one of the few free creative apps on the market, Paper is an app that substitutes a sketchbook and offers a free space for your doodles to roam free.

So, if you’re looking to jump into a new creative mindset but aren’t sure about splashing the cash just yet, then Paper is a safe bet.


Finding the perfect platform to unleash your creativity is never going to be an easy task, but luckily there are some apps that sit head and shoulders above the rest and are unlikely to disappoint both first-time users or seasoned professionals.

However, whatever your decision, it’s important to consider the device or gadget you’ll be using - including whether it’s insured - to guarantee that your creativity goes uninterrupted. Because as you’ll be all too aware of, our concentration can be difficult to regain once lost!