5 Unusual ways to increase Android Phone Battery Life

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Avator By Jonathan Owen
Marketing Manager
Published 19th October 2015
Last modified 31st March 2023
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Close up of a person using a smartphone

Remember the days when you could happily charge up your Nokia 3310 and be set for the week? When it didn’t get to 6 p.m. and your phone is already flat despite charging it the night before? Usually just as you’ve found out your train has been cancelled? We miss those days. For all the technical wizardry that today’s smartphones boast, there’s nothing smart about a battery that doesn’t see you through the day. Whilst the new Samsung phones appear to have made a bit of a battery breakthrough, there are a number of things that those of us who aren’t planning to splash out on the new handsets can do to prolong the life of our beloved devices.

Enforce a strict bedtime routine

Phones are like babies, they need a proper bedtime. If you can’t bear to switch your phone off at night, then at least make sure anything non-essential is switched off. You can even install management apps that will turn off things like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth overnight. Better still, put it on airplane mode.

Turn your wallpaper black

If your phone has an AMOLED screen, which most androids do, then consider having a dark background. AMOLED screens only illuminate the coloured pixels, so the more black pixels you have, the less battery you’ll use.

Uninstall necessary apps

Be honest, how many times have you excitedly downloaded a new app, only for the novelty to wear off a few days later? Different apps use your battery differently, so it’s worth looking into and getting rid of those that you could live without.

Keep it at the optimum temperature

You know how unproductive you feel in the middle of hot summer afternoon in a stuffy office? Your phone feels the same. Avoid leaving your phone on a radiator, or in a hot car if you can. Not only should it help improve your battery life, it will also help prevent the screen from freezing.

Lower your screen brightness

Just like your laptop, your phone can save battery if you dim the screen light slightly. Your eyes should adjust fairly quickly, and you’ll be rewarded in battery hours.


Follow these 5 tips, and you can probably squeeze a good few extra hours from your phone, and probably improve its overall health.