How not to lose your phone

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Avator By Jonathan Owen
Marketing Manager
Published 15th December 2021
Last modified 4th July 2023
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How to not lose your phone

How to not lose your phone

We all know at least one person that seems to be forever losing their phone, on the other hand we all know someone that’s had the same phone forever. So what’s one person doing that the other isn’t? What’s the trick behind keeping hold of your phone? We’ve scoured the internet for expert opinion and put together a quick guide to keep your phone safe and sound.

Firstly, stick to a routine:

  • When you’re out and about always keep your phone in the same pocket, or place in your bag.
  • When you’re in the car use the same place to store your phone.
  • When you’re at home use a set place to charge your phone, and leave your phone in one particular place in each room
  • On the same note, never put your phone anywhere else. Don’t put it down in the gym, pub, at a friend’s house. Always keep it in that same pocket and you will be far less likely to lose it.

Make it stand out:

Most phones are black, white or grey, and unfortunately most surfaces are black, white or grey. So (even though it’s not on trend) consider adding a bright case to your phone that will stand out, may we suggest a neon orange/green/pink to really make sure you can see your phone from the other side of a room.
It’s not just the look of the phone that makes it easier to find, silent mode can make a phone that’s near you (down the side of a sofa or in a pocket), so instead of making it silent you can put it in do not disturb mode instead, and permit a few select numbers to make it ring. That way when you call it to find it it will ring and you’ll find it easily!

Make it a memory:

When you do put your phone down, even if it’s in a regular place, repeat that location to yourself a few times “phone is on the coffee table, phone is on the coffee table, phone is on the coffee table” and that way you have a far greater chance of remembering where it was left.

Keep things tidy:

It’s way easier to find a phone on an empty desk, or a tidy van. The less objects you need to look at and through the easier it is to find the one you’re after. So clear out any crisp packets from your van, tidy away the paperwork at home, and you’ll be far more likely to see your phone.

Remember better:

If you’re trying to find something, instead of thinking while you look, take a moment to pause and sit and think about it. Work through the last time you had the item in your mind, maybe it’s your keys and you’ve left them in the front door, or your phone that you gave to your child to say goodbye to their grandparents on, there will be a clue in there somewhere that will trigger that memory and give you clues about the location of your phone.