Cheap mobile insurance pitfalls

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Avator By Jonathan Owen
Marketing Manager
Published 3rd January 2022
Last modified 2nd August 2023
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Cheap mobile insurance

Cheap mobile insurance pitfalls

1. Terms & Conditions that leave you unprotected

At first glance some policies seem too good to be true, and that’s usually because they are! Clauses that will stop you from claiming when it comes to the day you lose or damage your phone can essentially void your insurance and mean all those “cheap” payments you made were for nothing. It’s not just cheap insurance that can leave you feeling caught out though, the majority of insurers have specific terms and conditions to protect their business from fraudulent claims or extreme cases of carelessness. So make sure you read all the terms and conditions before the time comes that you’ll need to make that claim, even better read them before you choose a provider.

2. Low level of cover for your device

Fancy a trip overseas? Or have a child that likes putting things down the toilet? You may not be covered with a cheap phone insurance policy. Generally speaking the cheaper the insurance the less you will be covered for, but unless you’ve read through your policy (as we recommend you do whomever you may choose to supply your insurance!) then you won’t be aware of this until you try and make a claim.

3. Bad customer service

You don’t have to look far on a company’s reviews to get an indicator of their level of customer service, unfortunately cheap mobile phone insurance often leaves the insurer short when it comes to staff training and recruitment. Leaving their customers struggling to contact their mobile insurance company, then not getting a straight answer when they do.

4. High excess payments

When a mobile insurance policy is cheap, there must be a catch somewhere. Often that catch can be high excess payments when attempting to make a claim. A cheap mobile insurance company needs to balance out a low cost monthly premium with higher excess fees.

5. Slow turnaround time

When you damage a device and make a claim on your mobile phone insurance the last thing you expect is for your phone to be sent to another country as a result, unfortunately with cheap mobile insurance that’s generally the case. There are numerous companies on the market that outsource repairs meaning it can take forever for your phone to be repaired and returned to the insurance provider.

In conclusion

The cost of mobile phone insurance is all relative to what you expect from your mobile phone insurance provider. Looking across the board, the less you spend the less you get in terms of turnaround time, customer service and higher excess costs. We recommend doing your research and making an educated choice when it comes to choosing phone insurance, and that most of the time cheap mobile insurance isn't always best.