5 Cool things to do in Cape Verde

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Avator By Jonathan Owen
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Published 6th December 2021
Last modified 8th June 2022
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Cape Verde

Fancy some winter sun? Here’s our top 5 things to do in Cape Verde!

To complement our new travel insurance products, the travel team at loveit coverit are sharing some of their expertise for cool things to do on holiday. Here’s our top 5 cool things to do in Cape Verde:

  1. Check out the street art of Ribeira Grande

Street art is always a great addition to any city (in our humble opinion!) and Ribeira Grande is no exception. As you wander the streets of Ribeira Grande in Cape Verde you’ll find some amazing art by local artists covering the walls, which are already a tapestry of vibrant colours and beautiful textures. Needless to say it’s an Instagram paradise guaranteed to secure some likes from people you don’t know, gold.

  1. Fontainhas, the most Instagram’able village in Cape Verde

Instagram you say? Look no further than Fontainhas. The pictures speak for themselves, it’s definitely one of the prettiest villages we’ve ever seen. Once again the theme of brightly painted homes, street art and culture jump out at you, they also have stairs like the ones you see on your social feed to pose on, a photographers paradise.

  1. Go offroad in Boa Vista!

Whether it’s on a quad bike or dune buggy you can explore the dunes and coastal paths of Boa Vista in style, from views over the Atlantic to the ruins of the old ceramic factory and the well know Chaves chimney stack.

  1. Swim in the Pedra Lume Crater

An extinct volcano on the east coast of Sal has long been inactive, but now has a crater in the salt pans that contrasts the beautiful blue skies of Cape Verde with white and pink pools of warm water. Due to the large salt content in the water you can float about til your heart’s content, then get a mud pack to really indulge in the minerals on offer.

  1. Check out a Cape Verde festival

Music is at the heart of Cape Verde, Morna a traditional style of folk music sung in a Creole with a guitar, violin and clarinet. There are various festivals and parades in Cape Verde that celebrate the local culture and music origins. Here are just a few you can enjoy during your stay in Cape Verde.

  • Santa Isabel – 4 July
  • Baia das Gatas Music Festival – Yearly over the August full moon
  • São Vicente Carnival – Yearly on Shrove Tuesday
  • Kriol Jazz Festival Praia – Yearly in April


As a bonus, here’s an interesting place to stay:

Spinguera Ecolodge in Norte, Boavista is a unique accommodation in Cape Verde located in amongst an ancient village of fishermen and farmers. The building was bandoned in the 1980’s and has been brough back to life and converted into a beautiful place to stay whilst in Cape Verde.

Whatever you do before you go exploring the world, make sure you have the right travel insurance from a reputable provider, like us!

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