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Avator By Jonathan Owen
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Published 28th July 2023
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The less you want to cover for your holiday or other trip away from home, the cheaper the travel insurance may be, but there’s a fine line between cutting costs and cutting corners… corners you may well need if it comes to the crunch! So, take a moment to think about what you really need your insurance to include. If you won’t be going on a cruise, then you won’t need that in your package; the same goes for winter sports. Work through your trip and evaluate what factors come into play. Personally, I wouldn’t travel without medical cover, cancellation cover, baggage loss, and travel disruption as a bare minimum, but I certainly welcome other cover options to ensure I don’t get left stranded. You can also evaluate, for example, how much it would cost to replace your baggage and personal items and get cover that you think will suit you best in that respect once you’ve weighed up all the other cover levels.

While cheap travel insurance may not be the best option, there are ways to get the most out of your travel insurance. For example, getting your travel insurance as soon as you’ve booked your trip means that if anything happens—flights get cancelled, holidays postponed, you get ill, or a whole range of circumstances that are outside of your control—then you’re covered. If you get your insurance last minute, it won’t cover you for anything that has happened to your trip previously, and unfortunately, it’s far too common that this is the case.

Cheap Travel Insurance: Is It Any Good?

As with most things, when it comes to cheap travel insurance, it depends. For example, at loveit coverit, our prices are very competitive and provide a highly affordable travel insurance option compared to other providers. The factors you need to consider when comparing cheap travel insurance are what the insurance covers, excess fees (the amount you pay when you make a claim), medical and repatriation coverage (getting you back home), cancellation cover, disruption, personal baggage loss, theft or damage; the list goes on! The bottom line is that the lower the cost of travel insurance, the less coverage you’ll get, and the less reliable the service is likely to be, from start to finish—from the website where you purchase the insurance to the claims process should the worst happen. For example, when it comes to our travel insurance products, not only do we have one of the easiest travel insurance quote experiences around (try our travel insurance quote here), but we also have an award-winning customer service team, a straightforward claims process, and the backing of AXA, one of the most renowned travel insurance brands worldwide. When you factor all of that into the cost of travel insurance, you can certainly get cheaper insurance, but for the sake of a pound or two, is it worth the hassle?

We are proud to be open and clear when it comes to our cover levels and have no hidden surprises. See our cover level table below for a full breakdown:

What are the Different Cover Levels?

Medical Emergency & Repatriation
£10 Million£10 Million£15 Million
Cancellation or Cutting short your trip
Travel Disruption
Personal Baggage
Delayed Departure
Missed Departure
Delayed Baggage
Personal Money
Pet Care
Personal Accident
Personal Liability
£1 Million£1.5 Million£2 Million
Legal Expenses
Hospital Benefit
Important Documents
Emergency Dental£500£750£1,000
Please check the Policy Documents for further information on cover levels.

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Can You Go on Holiday Without Travel Insurance?

Sure, but we wouldn’t advise it! Imagine having to cancel a holiday worth thousands of pounds; it’s undoubtedly a terrible situation. On top of that, falling ill abroad and requiring an emergency flight home could lead to expenses of six figures or even more. However, there’s good news! You can protect yourself from such financial burdens with a comprehensive travel insurance policy. Surprisingly, many people can get coverage for less than £6, offering peace of mind without breaking the bank and allowing you to travel abroad with peace of mind.

Are There Any Other Ways to Get Travel Insurance Cheap?

One other thing to consider is whether you get Single Trip or Annual Travel Insurance. It may seem like an odd suggestion initially, as you’re probably aware annual travel insurance costs a fair bit more than Single Trip. But if you are going to be away more than once in the upcoming year, then annual travel insurance might be the way to go, breaking it down over the trips; it could well work out more cost-effective than getting more than one single trip policy. With our travel insurance, it’s also good to know that trips within the UK are also covered, so if something goes wrong on your trip to Cornwall, it may well be covered too. Making an annual policy a solid alternative to look at for cheap travel insurance if you like to get away more than once a year.