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Our Italy Travel Guide

Italy is one of the most popular holiday destinations for Brits - summer or winter, we love to go there! Italy has a lot to offer starting from wonderful food, beautiful scenery and welcoming locals. Our Travel Guide will prepare you for your trip to Italy, doesn't matter whether it is your first or 10th time there!

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Main Facts About Italy

In Italy, like in most European countries, the euro is used. You can also use the popular credit cards like Visa, Maestro, Amex and Master Card.
Italians speak Italian. In popular tourist destinations English is used as well, but the most of the locals either don't understand it or their ability to speak English is very limited.
Summer months are really hot in Italy. Starting from May, the temperature usually reaches 25-29 degrees, while in winter it is around 10-12 degrees celsius. It is very unlikely for it to rain in summer, but colder months see rain quite often.
Power Plugs
In Italy the power plugs and sockets are of type F and L (like most of Europe), therefore you won't be able to connect appliances bought in the UK or USA there. We suggest buying a travel adaptor and use our appliances anywhere in Italy
There currently are 60.3 million people living in Italy. It also is a super popular tourist destination for anyone in the world, therefore expect most places to be pretty crowded!
Fun Fact
Tourists throw €1,000,000 into the Trevi Fountain each year. All the money is donated to charity, though, so next time you are in Rome, make sure you make a wish and throw some coins into the fountain.

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Italy is a dream that keeps on returning for the rest of your life        

Getting Around Italy

By Train
Italy’s national train system is the most popular way for tourists to get around the country. The national train company is online at Trenitalia.com, where you can look up schedules and purchase tickets.
Rent a Car
If you will only be visiting Italian cities,you simply don’t need to rent a car. Most cities have excellent public transportation, and Italy’s train system will get you between cities. Parking rules in most Italian cities are confusing, and parking at hotels can cost up to 40 euros a night. But if you’re headed to a more rural area such as Tuscany, you will see more if you rent a car.
By boat/ship
If you are traveling to Italy’s two largest islands — Sardinia and Sicily — you can reach them by overnight ferry or a several-hour hydrofoil from the mainland. This is a popular alternative to flying. On the Amalfi Coast, there are numerous ferries and hydrofoils running from mainland towns and cities (Naples, Positano, Amalfi, Sorrento) to the islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida.

Italian Bucket List

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Food & Drink

You have to try these foods and drinks while in Italy! Take note of the locations, rumour has it they are the especially tasty there!

Tourist Mistakes for Italy

Don't over pack
Don't rely on credit cards
Don't order a latte when you want a coffee
Don't forget to validate your train ticket
Don't drive in the ZTL
Wear the correct clothing in Churches
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