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Travel Guide

Our guide to holidays in Fiji, brought to you by the loveit coverit travel insurance team.


Our Fiji Travel Guide

Fiji is a diverse and multifaceted destination that has something to offer for every type of traveler. Whether you're looking for a romantic getaway with your partner, a family holiday, a luxurious escape, or an adventure of a lifetime, Fiji has it all. The country is made up of 333 islands, each with its own unique character and beauty. From the white sand beaches and tropical warmth that can be found all year round, to the ancient sights on the main island of Viti Levu and the volcanic landscapes, jungles, and traditional villages that can be explored, Fiji has a wealth of experiences to offer. So no matter what your interests, Fiji is the perfect place to discover new things and create unforgettable memories.

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Reasons why you should get travel insurance for your next trip

Medical Cost

While traveling, unexpected health issues or accidents can occur. Travel insurance can cover medical expenses, hospital stays, doctor's visits, and medications, ensuring you receive necessary medical care without worrying about costs.

Flight Cancellation

Flight cancellations can disrupt your travel plans. Travel insurance can cover additional expenses such as accommodations, meals, and transportation if your journey is delayed.

Natural Disasters

Fiji's stunning islands are prone to natural disasters like cyclones. Travel insurance can provide coverage for trip disruptions caused by these events, including unused portions of your trip. Additionally, if you plan to engage in island activities like water sports, travel insurance can offer coverage in case of accidents or injuries.

Water Sports

Fiji offers unique cultural experiences and attractions. Travel insurance can provide coverage if your plans to explore these cultural sites are disrupted.

Main Facts About Fiji

The currency used in Fiji is the Fijian dollar. If you're planning on traveling to Fiji, it's a good idea to use your credit or debit card as much as possible, as there is often a withdrawal fee of between $5 and $12 Fijian dollars for using an ATM, and there is usually a daily withdrawal limit of around $1000 Fijian dollars. Using your card instead of cash can help you avoid these fees and limits, making it easier and more convenient to access your funds while you're in Fiji.
Fiji has three official languages: English, Fijian, and Hindi. Fijian is the most commonly spoken language in the country, but English is also widely spoken, so it should be easy for you to communicate and get around while you're in Fiji. Even if you don't speak Fijian or Hindi, you should be able to find someone who speaks English and can help you navigate the country and understand its culture. So whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, you should have no problem communicating and getting the information you need while you're in Fiji.
Fiji has a warm, tropical climate, with temperatures ranging from 26°C to 31°C throughout the year. The best time to visit Fiji is typically from May to October, as this is the driest part of the year and you're less likely to experience rain. However, if you're interested in surfing, the best time to visit Fiji is during the rainy season, which runs from November to April. This is when the weather is more likely to be wet, with heavy rainfall and tropical storms possible. However, it's also when the waves are at their best for surfing, making it an ideal time for surfing enthusiasts. So whether you're looking to enjoy the sunny weather or hit the waves, there's a perfect time to visit Fiji for everyone.
Power Plugs
If you're planning to visit Fiji and want to use UK-based appliances while you're there, you'll need to bring a travel adapter with you. This is because the electrical outlets in Fiji use Plug Type I, which is different from the plugs used in the UK. Without a travel adapter, you won't be able to use your appliances in Fiji, so it's important to make sure you have one with you before you leave. Travel adapters are widely available and relatively inexpensive, so they're an easy and convenient way to ensure that you can use your electronic devices while you're abroad.
As of 2021, there are approximately 908,313 people living in Fiji. Of these, about 56.8% are Itaukei, 37.5% are Indian, and 1.2% are Rotuman. These three groups make up the largest ethnicities in Fiji, but the country is also home to a diverse range of other cultures and communities. Understanding the demographics of Fiji can help you learn more about the country's history and culture, and can also give you a better sense of the diversity of the people who live there.
Fun Fact
In Fijian villages, it is generally considered disrespectful to wear a hat or sunglasses, unless you are the chief. This is because these items are seen as a sign of status or authority, and wearing them in the presence of others is considered rude or presumptuous. To show respect to the Fijian people and their customs, it's important to follow this rule and avoid wearing a hat or sunglasses while you're in a Fijian village.
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Your Fiji Bucket list

If you're in Fiji, you HAVE to do these things:

1. Dive with the Bull sharks
2. Hiking Mount Tomanivi.
3. Stay at an exotic island resort
4. Take a mud bath at Sabeto Thermal Mud pool
5. Visit the heart shape island
5. Visit Garden of the Sleeping Giant
6. Eat a Lovo Feast
7. Be A Guest at a Fijian Village
8. Try Kava
9. Go Snorkeling
10. Watch a Fire Show


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