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Travel Guide

Our guide to holidays Puerto Rico, brought to you by the loveit coverit travel insurance team.


Our Puerto Rico Travel Guide

Puerto Rico is a unique destination that offers a blend of history, diverse culture, and stunning landscapes. From its warm and welcoming people to its fascinating attractions and intriguing cities, there are so many reasons to visit Puerto Rico. One of the best places to visit in Puerto Rico is Old San Juan, where you can step back in time and explore the colorful colonial houses, historical forts, cobblestone streets, and Spanish-style buildings that make up this 500-year-old city.

With its rich artistic, cultural, and historical heritage, Puerto Rico is a must-see destination for anyone who loves to learn and explore. Don't forget to bring your dancing shoes - Puerto Rico is a place where you'll want to let loose and have fun.

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Reasons why you should get travel insurance for Puerto Rico

Natural Disasters and Weather Events

Puerto Rico is susceptible to hurricanes and tropical storms, especially during the hurricane season. Travel insurance can provide coverage for disruptions caused by these events, including flight cancellations, changes to your travel plans, and accommodation adjustments.

Outdoor Activities and Adventure

Puerto Rico's diverse landscapes offer outdoor activities like hiking, water sports, and exploring bioluminescent bays. Travel insurance can provide coverage for accidents and injuries that might occur during these adventures, ensuring you have access to medical care without concerns about unexpected expenses.

Medical Cost

While Puerto Rico has medical facilities, travelers might still require medical attention due to unforeseen illnesses or accidents. Travel insurance can cover medical expenses, hospital stays, and medical evacuation if needed, offering peace of mind in case of unexpected health issues.

Loss Luggage

Travel insurance covers losses due to lost, stolen, or delayed baggage, ensuring your essentials are replaced swiftly, allowing you to continue embracing Puerto Rico.

Main Facts About Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States. Official Currency of Puerto Rico is the same as the US Dollar. It is often referred to as the 'peso' in Puerto Rico. ATMs and bureaux de change are freely available and all major credit cards and travellers cheques are generally accepted. Banking hours are 9am to 3.30pm.
Both Spanish and English are the official languages of Puerto Rico, but Spanish is without a doubt the dominant language, as the majority of the people in Puerto Rico are not proficient in English. Fewer than 20 percent of Puerto Ricans speak English fluently, according to the 2000 U.S. Census.
Puerto Rico's climate is part of the tropical climatic zone. In general, residents and visitors enjoy warm temperatures all year round averaging 80 °F (27 °C) in lower elevations, and 70 °F (21 °C) in the lush central mountains of the main island of Puerto Rico. Most of the year, the weather is simply perfect.
Power Plugs
For Puerto Rico there are two associated plug types, types A and B. Plug type A is the plug which has two flat parallel pins and plug type B is the plug which has two flat parallel pins and a grounding pin. Puerto Rico operates on a 120V supply voltage and 60Hz.
According to Worldometer's calculations based on the latest United Nations data, the current population of Puerto Rico as of Tuesday, May 3, 2022 is 2,724,687. This information is up-to-date as of the specified date.
Fun Fact
Bacardí rum is a well-known brand that is recognized around the world for its high-quality spirits. Bacardí originated in Cuba and later established production facilities in Puerto Rico in 1930. Whether you're a fan of rum or just enjoy trying new alcoholic beverages, Bacardí is a brand that you'll want to keep an eye out for. With a long history and a reputation for excellence, Bacardí is a trusted and respected name in the world of spirits.
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Your Puerto Rico Bucket list

If you're in Puerto Rico, you HAVE to do these things:

1. Explore the streets of Old San Juan.
2. Admire the flora and fauna of the Bosque Carite Rainforest.
3. Kayak through bioluminescent waters at night.
4. Explore the seabed with a scuba diving trip.
5. Take a day trip to Flamenco Beach.
6. Explore the El Yunque National Forest.
7. Set sail and take a trip to Laguna Grande.
8. See El Rio Camuy Caves.
9. Stroll through Vega Alta.
10. Walk by Los Morrillos Lighthouse.


Traveller, there are no paths. Paths are made by walking        

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