World Health Day: How to Show Your Thanks

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Avator By Jonathan Owen
Marketing Manager
Published 9th April 2020
Last modified 20th June 2023
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World Health Day is a fantastic reminder for the public to celebrate, and thank, every sector of the National Health Service for all their hard work and dedication.

Specifically, the World Health Organisation invites us to show our appreciation for all of the nurses and midwives who are dedicating significant time and effort in keeping us safe – especially in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. The past few weeks have undoubtedly shown their incredible bravery, commitment and selflessness – alongside the entire healthcare system – and so there is no better time to offer our widespread gratitude.

Whilst we are limited in our face-to-face interactions, there is still an abundance of ways in which we can communicate our thanks. If you’re stuck for ideas then check out some of our suggestions!

Wash Your Hands

Of course, a fantastic and integral way of appreciating our healthcare professionals is through individually practising the advised hygiene habits. In doing so, we can lessen our chances of contracting COVID-19 and, therefore, lessen the burden placed on the medical staff – washing your hands is an obvious and easy place to start.

Despite being a ubiquitous message from government officials, the simple act of handwashing helps form our strongest line of defence whilst combatting this outbreak, so why wouldn’t you do it?

Health officials advise that you should be washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. What’s more, singing has been suggested as a method of ensuring this – with Happy Birthday being the prominent song of choice. But what if you’re bored of that? Well then, you’ll be happy to hear that 17-year-old developer, William Gibson, has created ‘Wash Your Lyrics’ which offers you an entirely new repertoire.

Stay Home

Staying home for some can seem like an ideal situation, whilst for others a frustrating experience. However, it’s vital that we all do so.

In strictly following the guidelines enforced by the Government we can slow the spread of the virus on a wide scale. So, unless you absolutely need to leave your house for work, health or essential errands, stay home.

For many, the major challenge arises in being cut off from social activity – however, there are ways of combatting this. Rather than yearning for our usual social outings, create a new sense of ‘normal’. Luckily, there is a huge range of digital platforms that allow us to connect with our loved ones whilst partaking in fun activities. If you’re looking for a place to start then why not give these a try; Quiz Up, House Party, or Evil Apples.

If nothing else, think of how exciting that initial outing will be once the restrictions are reduced!

Sanitise frequently used objects and spaces

In our everyday lives, both professional and personal, we come into constant contact with several devices – such as our laptops, phones and tablets. According to research, the virus can remain on hard surfaces for several hours and as such we should clean them at least twice a day. Of course, a major concern for many is how to properly sanitise our electronics without harming then but don’t worry, it’s as simple as using an alcohol wipe.

Of course, this mentality isn’t limited to our electronic devices and additionally, we should ensure that we are frequently and efficiently disinfecting open surfaces, door handles, light switches and the like. It may seem a tedious task, but considering it can be completed in a matter of minutes and help to protect our loved ones, there is no real reason not to.

Manage your Mental Health

Our health is not limited to the physical and in the coming weeks it’s likely that many individuals will suffer in their mental wellbeing. Fortunately, there are methods of combating stress – whether this is using specific digital applications or in practising beneficial physical and mental exercises. There is no one sure-fire way to overcome stress, so it’s important to try and test various methods and find out what works for you.

As we’ve heard over and over, these are unprecedented times. So in caring for ourselves, sharing our tips and tricks with those around us, and reaching out to those in need, we can help to make our current climate a kinder one.

Actively share your thanks

Across the country individuals have been participating in the weekly applause, hosted on our very own doorsteps, in thanks to the NHS which is fantastic – but why stop there! Our digital world means that we can share our thoughts at the click of the button, so why not contribute to the wider conversation with the suggested hashtags, #SupportNursesAndMidwives and #COVID-19, and further show your thanks.


These actions barely scratch the surface as to how we can show our gratitude to the nurses and midwives who care for us, our family and our friends, but if nothing else they provide a start point.