Huawei P30 vs iPhone XS vs Galaxy S10

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Avator By Jonathan Owen
Marketing Manager
Published 4th April 2019
Last modified 2nd August 2023
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comparison xs vs p30 vs s10


The Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Huawei P30 have similar battery lives (3,650 and 3,400mAh respectively). Apple do not tend to disclose their phones’ battery capacities, but tests seem to suggest the XS has around 2,658mAh. The iPhone also has the least amount of RAM and the least amount of internal storage (64GB as opposed to 128GB).


These three high-end devices share very similar designs, although it may be worth noting that the P30 has slightly less water and dust protection. The P30 and the S10 both have 6.1″ displays, with the XS being the smallest of the three phones at 5.8″. It has been argued by many reviewers, that the Galaxy S10’s screen claims the top spot, as Samsung uses their own AMOLED display technology that offers unbeatable colour and brightness, compared to the slightly lower resolution OLED screens of the XS and P30.


The standout area that sets the P30 apart from the others is the camera. While all three have brilliant camera, the P30’s lenses bring something particularly special to the table. Recent tests have shown that the P30 beats the S10 and the XS in low-light and zoom, with RYYB light technology that picks up more colour. It also has the better selfie camera by a long way, with a 32MP front camera lens, compared to the 7MP of the iPhone and the 10MP on the Samsung.


The P30 is the cheapest of all 3 models with an RRP of £699, while the S10 was released at £799 and the most expensive device, the XS, was £999 on release.


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