Cheap Ways to Protect Against Cracked Phone Screens

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Avator By Jonathan Owen
Marketing Manager
Published 15th March 2019
Last modified 9th May 2022
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A study by musicMagpie last year revealed that half of Brits have smashed their phone. So don’t worry, it happens to the best of us, but there are ways to lessen the chances of it happening. If you smash or crack your phone screen, it could cost you anywhere between £100-£250 to get it repaired, and if you’ve been burned before, you’ll know how gut-wrenching and financially devastating that can be. In this post, we’re giving you 3 protective measures everyone should be taking, so that you never have to experience that heart-stopping moment when you drop your phone.

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Screen Protectors

Screen protectors consist of a thin layer of glass or plastic that you adhere to the front of your phone and work by absorbing the impact from a drop.

They can be easily removed if they become damaged, leaving your phone screen unharmed, and then replaced. This screen protector was tested and declared the most durable, thin and reliable and it only costs £6.49! Not only will you benefit from one if you drop your phone, you’ll also reduce the chance of scratches and other cosmetic damage.

Phone Cases

For the average smartphone user, you could opt for this tech21 case, which protects your device against drops up to 3 metres.

The clear design means that it won’t alter the look of your phone too much either. If you have a particularly physical job and your phone is more at risk of damage, you could opt for this military-tested phone case, which isn’t as easy on the eye, but provides extreme protection and shock absorption. Both of these cases are available for a range of makes and models.

Phone Insurance

Obviously, mobile insurance does not physically protect your phone break damage, but it does offer financial protection. If the worst does happen, but your device is insured, you won't need to worry about expensive repair costs, you will just have to pay your excess fee. You should have a good phone case and screen protector, even if you already have phone cover, as this will reduce the chance of you having to make a claim and pay an excess.